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June 6, 2008 : Issue #21
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Belle with Balls: Dr. Meg HaworthBelles with Balls Podcast

Welcome back, with a warm southern hospitable Rebel Belle Yell!, our April 2007 Belle with Balls.

Dr. Meg Haworth is a Spiritual Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Internet Radio Show Host and NOW…..featured chef on the hit internet cooking channel, Eat, Drink or die, a franchise of Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die.

At the age of 40, Dr. Meg says she’s happier and healthier than ever – Gluten and Dairy Free! As a 13-year veteran of gluten and dairy-free cooking, Meg has healed more than a dozen illnesses in her own body. Due to severe food allergies, she was forced to change her diet ~ literally overnight.

A diehard fan of delicious and flavorful foods, Meg’s quest to continue eating her favorites, birthday cake, pizza and chocolate chip cookies sent her into the kitchen to experiment. While Meg was figuring all this “cooking stuff” out, she spent four years as a bed & breakfast owner here in Saluda, South Carolina, perfecting, testing, and teaching wheat and dairy-free cooking. At her B&B, Meg served only wheat free, dairy free and mostly organic foods. Folks, food at the B&B was delicious! And, I can't say enough about those oh-so-yummy chocolate chip cookies!!

Today Meg has a weekly show on wheat free, dairy free, and chemical free cooking. She delightfully and passionately shares her recipes, wisdom, and wealth of knowledge with an ever-growing population of wheat and dairy-free eaters through her bi-weekly Delicious and Healthy Living newsletter, her DeliciousAndHealthy.com website and her new Cookbook and guide Done With Dairy - Giving Up Gluten - 14 Days to a Delicious and Healthy You.

If you need help navigating the world of gluten, dairy, and chemical free living along with the emotional and mental challenges that can befall you, Meg is your guide. She’s been there.

Doctor Meg firmly believes that healthy eating doesn’t have to taste terrible. Her recipes are proof. Healthy food can be fabulously delicious!

Meg is available via telephone worldwide for food coaching, personal or commercial menu development and consulting, and Personal Evolution Sessions to help you in Heal Your Life...One Choice at a Time.

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, Doctor Meg also offers in-person assistance, as well as cooking instruction and personalized grocery tours of Whole Foods Market for the dairy-free, wheat-free consumer. To contact Doctor Meg, email info@deliciousandhealthy.com .

Be sure to join Doctor Meg and myself for a li’l fun over at “Tuck Talk”. Listen as Meg shares her story and discusses how easy it is to remove gluten and dairy from your diet, while preparing delicious foods and healing emotional and physical issues with ease.

Grab a copy of Doctor Meg's new Cookbook and guide Done With Dairy - Giving Up Gluten - 14 Days to a Delicious and Healthy You.

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