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May 5, 2008
Issue #20
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression
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Lighten Up!

You did not come to this physical time and place to prove anything to anyone – to prove yourself worthy or to make your mark on the chart. You came forth out of sheer exuberance for life.

~ Abraham - Hicks

Once upon a time there was a “fun loving, free spirit, ready to go socialize and play” young woman living a cheerful life. Not a care in the world, full of vim, vigor and enthusiasm she bounced out the door calling, “I’m going to Chrissy’s house. She’s having a bunch of us over for a pool party. Be back later.”

A BOOMING response immediately came back startling the “fun loving, free spirit, ready to go socialize and play” young woman, stopping her in her tracks.

“Not so fast young lady. Let me remind you of something very important before you walk out that door. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! Remember that how you behave today and every day, reflects not only on yourself, but also on me, your father, your brother and your sisters. Now…go forth with your sheer exuberance, and have a great time.”


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Tootin' Your Horn!

• Are you afraid to be you?

• Are you boldly sharing your gifts and talents with the world?

• Do you worry what people will think if you dare to “toot your own horn”?

Many women come to me hesitant to put themselves first. They’re afraid of appearing selfish. They’re uncomfortable celebrating their uniqueness with others and boldly expressing how fabulous they are.

Not so for the “oh so delightful and fun” Deborah Carraro of My Virtual Partner.

Take a look at how Deb BOLDLY announced herself to my new Rebel Belle Facebook Group this week in response to my invitation of “Go ahead, be bold, and ‘toot your horn’. We’re here to celebrate YOU and your uniqueness.”

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image Belle with Balls: Jill Bolte Taylor

I am delighted to introduce our May Belle with Balls, internationally recognized psychic songologist, Dr. Serenity Hawkfire. Dr. Hawkfire is a narcissistic New Age guru with an ego the size of Chicago. She is on her ‘Humble Guru Tour’ across America determined to save souls.  Her Beyond Being workshop leads participants through her landmark ‘Wa Wa Work’ to “change their lives on a cellular level” More

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