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May 5 , 2008 : Issue #20
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Belle with Balls: Dr. Serenity Hawkfire

Belles with Balls Podcast

I am delighted to introduce our May Belle with Balls, internationally recognized psychic songologist, Dr. Serenity Hawkfire. Dr. Hawkfire is a narcissistic New Age guru with an ego the size of Chicago. She is on her ‘Humble Guru Tour’ across America determined to save souls.  Her Beyond Being workshop leads participants through her landmark ‘Wa Wa Work’ to “change their lives on a cellular level”.

Serenity is world renowned in her work as a gifted tax intuitive, a psychic surgeon, tantric sex teacher, licensed animal coach and a certified colon cleanser and fecologist. Known for her distinctive hemp headband, and her signature Wa Wa Work, she is also a recognized expert on maple enemas and breakthrough life coaching for domestic and wild animals.

Not surprisingly, she is also the author of a breakthrough self help book, Belles with Balls PodcastBeyond Being, which happens to be the only entirely blank book in print. (Can’t wait to read it! I understand there’s an audio version that will be available soon. )

Dr. Serenity Hawkfire is a parody character created by the fabulous Suzanne Falter-Barns, creativity expert and author of How Much Joy Can You Stand? Tired of being serious and helpful all the time, Suzanne wanted to laugh again. More importantly, she wanted to perform. She had been hiding out from her dream for nearly 20 years.

Suzanne craved being out in front of people, sharing her wisdom, and making a difference in the world. She knew a piece of her inner soul was screaming to break free to boldly express itself to the fullest. She created a show based on a parody of a New Age workshop, with a lovely, wildly narcissistic, media grubbing character that she dreamed up and named Serenity Hawkfire.

When people ask, “Why Serenity?” Suzanne shares that her purpose in life is to move people to express themselves. Dr. Serenity Hawkfire’s Beyond Being workshop kind of does that, albeit through humor instead of ‘deep’ workshop exercises. It’s a total party that parades itself around as a workshop. People who come say it rocks!

A Rebel Belle Yell! Dr. Hawkfire for sharing your wildly narcissistic, media grubbing, rebel spirit with the world!

I invite you to join Dr. Hawkfire and myself for a li’l fun over at “Tuck Talk”. Dr. Hawkfire shares with wit and wisdom her greatest challenges as a guru, how she assists others as a licensed fecologist and much, much, more.

In our second segment of “Tuck Talk”, Suzanne shares with me how she came out of hiding and took a huge leap toward fulfillment and expressing her soul. Suzanne seized her dream. Today she is having a “blast of joy” living her passion as an actor and performer. Listen at “Tuck Talk”

Be sure to grab a copy of Suzanne’s simple two hour program, “Coming Out of Hiding” CD Package.

Is there a little piece of your soul you’re just not expressing to the fullest?

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