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May 5 , 2008: Issue #20
Tootin' Your Horn!
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression

Tootin' Your Horn!

• Are you afraid to be you?

• Are you boldly sharing your gifts and talents with the world?

• Do you worry what people will think if you dare to “toot your own horn”?

Many women come to me hesitant to put themselves first. They’re afraid of appearing selfish. They’re uncomfortable celebrating their uniqueness with others and boldly expressing how fabulous they are.

Not so for the “oh so delightful and fun” Deborah Carraro of My Virtual Partner.

Take a look at how Deb BOLDLY announced herself to my new Rebel Belle Facebook Group this week in response to my invitation of “Go ahead, be bold, and ‘toot your horn’. We’re here to celebrate YOU and your uniqueness.”

Move over Tuck, and hand me the horn :-)

Salut my Belles! I'm excited to meet and connect with each of you.

My name is Deborah and I am... extraordinary :-)

I laugh and sing and dance my way through life. I'm my own special kind of nutty and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I sparkle because I am lucky enough to pursue my deepest passions on a daily basis: music, family, food, health, fun, teaching and sharing, running my own business, ... the list goes on and on.

The greatest gift my life has given me is to surround myself with remarkable people from a very young age who taught me how to live life out loud. I've been blessed with so many wonderful relationships and friendships. I carry a piece of everyone I meet with me. Everyone I meet has something to teach me, and I honor them for sharing.

Intuition rules my world. Not hoodoo voodoo kinda stuff but just an inner sense of who I am and what makes sense for me. I rely on my intuition heavily but it took me a while to trust it in my business.

When I finally did though - whoosh! Magic happened.

Magic happens daily - in all our lives - and that's probably juiciest recommendation I have for women who are stuck, bored, confused and frustrated.

Believe in magic. Believe that whatever challenge you're going through right now will pass. It always does and you will emerge on the other side like a diamond from a lump of coal. It goes under incredible pressure to transform into beauty. And so can you.

Let the light inside you shine!

~ Deborah :-)

Perhaps, this is why I love inspiring women to celebrate their uniqueness, toot their horn and bask in the freedom of being who they are with passion, purpose and play.

A Rebel Belle Yell! to ya Deb! You can have the horn anytime. I’m inspired….. I’m off to celebrate ME and toot MY horn…..This li’l light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!!”

What about you? I invite you to share a little something about yourself. Come on over to The Rebel Belle Blog and “toot your horn”. Or, join us on Facebook and let us celebrate with ya.

Share what you absolutely love and celebrate about YOU!


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