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February 6, 2008: Issue #17
Oh My God – I’ve Finally Become My Mother
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression

Oh My God – I’ve Finally Become My Mother

I remember this day as if it were yesterday. The moment is crystallized in memory. There I was, pondering my life—how I dressed, how I decorated my home, how I interacted with my (now ex) husband, where I worked, where I lived, how I raised my kids, and how I was racing through life. I came to a screeching halt and said to myself:

“Oh My God - I’ve finally become my mother!”

I don’t remember being angry or frustrated with my epiphany, but simply dumbfounded. It felt like The Twilight Zone. I laugh about it now, but in that moment, I asked myself a very obvious question: “If I’m not my mother then WHO AM I?”

This one powerful question changed the course of my life forever. It set me on a journey of self discovery that I’m still juiced by today.

I believe most women, especially here in the South, have roles modeled for them. We take on roles without questioning whether they’re authentic or true to who we are. Is any of this familiar to you?

Do you ever wonder...

• who you are?
• where your individuality starts and the roles you’ve been encouraged to play end?
• when you became your mother?

Today I have enormous clarity about who I am, what my truest essence is and how to be me. I am confident in my uniqueness and the roles I choose to play, rather than blindly playing roles that were encouraged. You can be too.

Start by answering the following questions for what’s meaningful and fulfilling in your life. Answer the questions for each of these seven areas—spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, familial, social and physical.

• What’s important to me?
• What fulfills me?
• What are my values?

You’ll discover who you are and the values that are closest to your heart. You’ll find that your purpose, power and uniqueness will be expressed through the values and beliefs you hold, regardless of the roles you play.

Remember: Trust yourself. You are you... you are not your mother.


If you’d like additional help in finding who you think you are, FREE “Who Am I?” worksheets and meditation are available on my site.

About the author: Tuck Self, The Rebel Belle, is a Southern voice for bold self-expression. As a coach, writer and speaker, she inspires women to wake up, crank it up, and squeeze the juice from life with passion, purpose, and a lot of play! Let The Rebel Belle guide you to freedom and bold self-expressions. Visit www.rebelbelleblog.com and get your complimentary outline of The 7 Steps to Discovering Freedom – Full Out and On Your Terms!

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