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February 6, 2008: Issue #17
Human Design: It’s Not Personal—It’s Just Energy
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Human Design: It’s Not Personal—It’s Just Energy

Do you love who you are? Do you love your partner? What is love anyway? Is it that feeling you long for when connecting with your partner? Is it the emotion that draws you to another? Is it something you seek to feel within yourself? Perhaps love is the ultimate expression of commitment you expect from your “soul mate,” husband or significant other.

However you define it, LOVE is connecting, interacting and aligning your energies with another person. It’s expressing your truest essence and values. It’s integrating all of you with another person while fully embracing all of who they are. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yet, it’s one of the most challenging experiences of life.

Energies exchange when people come together; attraction, repulsion and at times absolute magic happens, and of course... LOVE. Each individual expresses their unique nature bringing to the relationship all the thoughts, emotions and perspectives collected and maintained through a lifetime of experiences.

Attempting to connect, relate, combine and integrate these two very independent energies, perspectives, beliefs, judgments and modes of behavior, “loving” becomes a challenge. Often feelings get hurt. We feel rejected or take things personally. Better yet, we guilt, blame and shame the other person for not being easy to love.

So, how do we make this “loving” thing simple? How do we stay true to who we are, love the other person for who they are, experience a fabulously LOVING relationship without taking things personally?

It’s NOT personal—it’s just energy!

How you connect with another person, whether attraction, repulsion, domination or compromise, it’s never personal, it’s just energy. Love is an energy dynamic. Knowing your energy dynamic and how you connect to others, allows you to attract the juiciest of relationships that can crank your life up a notch and rock your world. Here’s what you do:

1) Discover who you are. Know your strengths, values, vulnerabilities and fears. Live from conditioning, and you’ll attract what you think is missing. It’ll drive your behavior. Live from your greatest strengths, you’ll attract what fulfills and balances your life. It’s not personal, it’s just energy.

2) Discover your partner. Know their strengths, values, vulnerabilities and fears. See a pattern here? Accept it all; good, bad, happy, sad, stimulating, boring, generous, stingy. Shall I go on? It’s not personal, it’s just energy.

3) Discover the relationship.
Know the strengths, values, vulnerabilities and fears of the partnership. This is a synthesis and synchronicity of individual energy dynamics. Be open to love. It’s not personal, it’s just energy.

To discover who you are in relationships with others and the world, request your Relationship Composite. Send the appropriate Soul Inventory birth information (birthday, time of birth and location of birth for both you and your mate) to tuck@therebelbelle.com. You’ll receive your Composite Soul Inventory that looks like this:

Bill and Hillary Clinton
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