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February 6, 2008: Issue #17
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Belle with Balls: Maureen McCarthy

Belles with Balls PodcastThere is a new way to build, sustain and transition relationships with honor and grace. It is called the State of Grace Document.

Folks, welcome Maureen McCarthy, creator of The State of Grace Document and founder of the company Engaging the Soul@Work.

Maureen McCarthyMaureen K. McCarthy is an international leadership consultant, senior executive coach, keynote speaker, and author of the upcoming book The State of Grace Document. She is a gifted communicator of foundational thoughts, feelings and ideas, who inspires everyone with whom she has contact. Maureen lives what she believes, full out.

Maureen’s life calling has led her across the globe working with corporations, organizations, and individuals to create more inspiring work environments. People actually look forward to going to work! Maureen accomplishes this by working within the scope of an individual’s whole life rather than just their work life.

“As a society, we focus a great deal of energy on fixing what’s broken, rather than creating better groundwork to build more graceful interactions. People are out of a state of grace with one another personally and professionally. Getting both into alignment is critical for the success of the person as well as the organization.”

The State of Grace Document is one such innovative piece of groundwork. A concept being used both in business and personal venues, it is a 2+ page, personal and explicit document designed, and created in unison, by the individuals in the relationship. A radical new foundation, it serves to replace or enhance the legal contracts society insists we use to legitimize our relationships. Have you bought a house/car, started a business, a new job or gotten married without one lately?

Maureen says the very act of creating a State of Grace Document can almost ensure you never have to use it. It dramatically alters the path of day-to-day relationships. When we agree to trust one another at the start, learn upfront what does and doesn’t work, create an atmosphere that allows for vulnerability, paying attention to signs along the way, we tend to avoid difficulty and shorten transition periods.

The concept for The State of Grace Document grew from a combination of three profound experiences that occurred in Maureen’s life, all in the same year.

Imagine all of these events happening to you within one short year:

You go into business with your best friend. Nine months into the partnership she asks you to leave. Your partnership and life-long friendship is dissolved in a mere twenty-minute conversation.

You and your husband decide to divorce. As you seek support to dissolve the relationship, you find all the literature to be thoroughly antagonistic, which is the opposite of how you both feel about one another.

You have been diagnosed with a rare, fatal lung disease and THIS is the year, according to your doctors, that you are supposed to die.

These events were the catalysts that compelled Maureen to examine her beliefs and stories and ultimately create The State of Grace Document.

I invite you to join us for “Tuck Talk”, my podcast interview of the amazing Maureen McCarthy. I guarantee she will inspire and empower you to live in a State of Grace.


For information on The State of Grace Document and to look at the work Maureen is doing in various organizations around the globe, go to www.StateOfGraceDocument.com or www.EngagingTheSoulAtWork.com. Maureen has made many of the materials available on her website for free, so that you can create your own Documents.

If you would like to attend a workshop at her historic retreat home in the mountains of North Carolina, which are all by donation, upcoming dates are February 28 & 29 and April 19 & 20 2008.

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