Southern Social Tea

I’m having a party,
A Southern Social Tea!
Junior League or Garden Club this never will be.
A gathering with fun and flair and women of like mind,
We’ll share what blows your skirt up and the dreams you’ve yet to find.

From the comfort of your home, with your favorite cup of tea,
Bring your boldness and your balls and open up with me.
A Tele-Call, A Social Tea for you to talk about YOU,
Your life today, what works for you and what you want to do,
Your problems and concerns—that’s what I want to hear—
The ones that keep you stuck and small, in fear year after year.

Full out and on your terms in your boldest self-expression,
You’ll toot your horn, talk about YOU, your life, your love, your passion.

Outrageous joy and lots of juice we’ll squeeze from this one hour.

You, me and a cup of tea... we’ll tap your inner power.

Come one, come all, come everyone to our Southern social call!
Crank it up and rock your night – I can’t wait, Y’ALL!

Next Southern Social Tea Call: Tuesday, July 28 (sign up now)