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January 2, 2008
Issue #16
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression
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I am a Phenomenal Woman!
A Testimonial by Emily Burton

You trust your instincts proudly and don't follow the flow just because it's a pull of energy. You are true to your SELF. You are one special friend and woman who is doing much to help others as they walk the path. Your words keep me inspired even when I have moments of doubt. I want to be like you when I grow up, that is if I don't grow old before I grow up. Thanks for always being there and supporting me with your words of wisdom.                                                ~Emily Burton

Emily BurtonWhen I met Emily Burton, she was already on her path of personal discovery. In fact, we met at one of my favorite workshops, The Possibility of Woman facilitated by Dr. Carol McCall. Dr. Carol requested I share an overview of Human Design, a client soul inventory and assessment tool I use in coaching. Having recently completed her own soul inventory, finding it valuable, she wanted me to share the tool at the workshop.

Shyly and reluctantly, Emily introduced herself. She requested a private session. That was the beginning of our ongoing coaching journey and friendship.

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Human Design: Projectors on Purpose!

Human Design – a tool that allows you to hear your soul, identify your greatest strengths, trust your power centers and live on purpose.

• Are you passionately living your purpose in life?
• Are you aligned with your greatest strengths and power?
• Are you making a difference serving others with your gifts and talents?
• Or, have you settled thinking there’s no way you can do what you love to do.

Two fabulous women, April Carter Grant and Suzanne Falter-Barns, ARE living passionately, sharing their amazing talents and gifts, and making a difference in the world... especially my world. Allow me to share...

One of the benefits of Human Design, the powerful, practical soul inventory I use in my coaching, is revealing an individuals strengths, talents, role and purpose in life. Human Design reveals this information in a number of different ways.

A primary way of revealing this information about an individual during a soul inventory is through Type. One of these Types is a Projector, an individual designed to wait for a connection from others. Connection allows their gifts, qualities and talents the opportunity to contribute.

A Projector navigates life through a mode called “waiting.” The waiting is for recognition, validation and an invitation to contribute their energy. When the right people come along who recognize their abilities, Projectors are empowered to express their qualities and strengths and live out their role.

Guiding and directing the energy of others is their greatest strength. When they connect it validates their inner sense of self setting their talents and gifts into motion. Aligned with their purpose and passions, personal expression and fulfillment is theirs for the taking, and the world’s for receiving.

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