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November 25, 2007: Issue #15
Spotlight on Human Design
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression

Spotlight on Human Design...

...a tool that allows you to hear your soul, identify your greatest strengths, trust your power centers and overcome your weaknesses.

• Are you itching to break free from the same old, same old job?

• Are you looking to discover what you love to do and your life’s purpose?

• Maybe you’d like to make a move to a brand new city and start a new life.

• Or, you may want to enjoy what you have, where you are, what you do and who you’re with, with as much joy and ease as possible.

Well, you can. Terri Lantz did. Terri broke free from her old job to follow her heart’s desire and passion. She discovered her life’s purpose and moved to a new city to begin a new job. Terri and her partner Ellie say life is good. They are experiencing each other and their personal and business relationship in ways they’ve never experienced before.

What’s Terri’s secret? How did she find the confidence to break through her fears, trust her heart and go for her boldest life, living on her terms?

Human Energy Design, the unique system of knowledge and road map I’ve been writing about over the past few months. Human Design is a tool that allows you to hear your soul, identify your greatest strengths, trust your power centers and overcome your weaknesses, especially the ones that keep you stuck, playing small and fearful of living your best life.

Recently Terri shared her experience of our Human Design consultation and how it has changed her life... forever!

Tuck calculated my Human Design chart about three years ago. My life has forever changed! After my consultation, I became crystal clear about my life’s purpose. Human Design gave me a new look at myself and newfound confidence in my business skills. I left a well-paying computer consultant job and career to follow my heart’s desire. I became a full-time potter and small business owner.

Not only did I leave my job, I also left my home. I moved to a new state and opened a small art co-op, Light N Up, with 10 initial member artists. That was two years ago. This month we moved into a 5,000 square foot building. We’ve grown to over 30 artists and dealers, and we’re currently offering pottery and art classes in addition to our retail sales. It’s a dream come true!

Human Design has also had a powerful impact in my personal relationships. Before the introduction to human design and my personal blueprint, doing projects with my partner could be a nightmare. For example, I’d go get a hammer, and I might come back 30 minutes later. I get sidetracked quite easily. Along the way of finding that hammer, I’d noticed three other tasks that needed to be done. By the time I returned, my partner would be livid, confused by and frustrated with me.

We both had individual consultations and in addition had a composite session done with our charts combined. Once we learned the strategies for our types, I’m a Manifesting Generator and my partner a Pure Generator, we both had a greater understanding of our individual strategies, how we worked independently and together. We learned that while I tend to be scattered and able to multi-task, my partner’s strength is being organized and following checklists.

We laugh now about our differences. We work together in ways that are stress free and fun. We get it’s not personal, it’s just energy.

Thank you Tuck, and thank you Human Design! Life is good!!

We all deserve to live our boldest life, discover our greatest strengths and live from that power and passion, rather than our fears and weaknesses. Experience Human Design. Allow yourself to start truly listening to your soul and trust in your powers. Overcome your weaknesses and expand your strengths like you never thought you could.  

Contact me today for a copy of your free chart and initial one-hour consultation.


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