a Newsletter from Tuck Self, the Rebel Belle
October 22, 2007: Issue #14
Live Bold and Squeeze the Juice!
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression

Live Bold and Squeeze the Juice!

Would you love to:

• Live bold and squeeze the juice?
• Discover what makes your heart sing?
• Play while you do the work you love?
• Make joyful money?
• Create totally satisfying partnerships?
• Fall madly in love with yourself and boldly toot your horn?

Would it rock your world to score a “10” in every area of life—relationships, career, money, health, fulfillment AND fun?

Perhaps you’re already doing it. If so, a Rebel Belle Yell! and congratulations!

The alternative, however, must feel yucky! It must feel like a life of struggle, forever pushing a rock uphill, never getting what you want no matter how hard you work, work, work and spin your wheels. Maybe you’re frustrated and angry, tired of watching others get what you know you’re capable of manifesting, disappointed and bitter that other people bask in the recognition that you so desperately desire and deserve. You KNOW you have what it takes but you just can’t figure out the HOW!

Does this ring true for you? If so, I have a secret... discovering the HOW.

What would you say if I told you that the secret to manifesting what you want, generating it with ease, being recognized for your talents and knowing who you are is as simple as knowing your PERSONALITY TYPE?

It’s true. You CAN. It’s in your personal design and DNA blueprint.

You have a genetic strategy for making your decisions, trusting your choices and knowing they’ll bring the results you desire, WITHOUT anger, frustration, bitterness or disappointment. It’s in your personality design type, your KEY to squeezing the juice and enjoying the ride!

Wanna know your type? Which of these descriptions sounds like you?

A Manifestor (8% of the population) will get things done independently. You manifest, INITIATE, act out and speak, BOLDLY! Others want to be like you. Because you’re independent, people find you unpredictable. They resist and try to control you. This makes you angry. Your strategy to eliminate this resistance and anger is INFORMING others before taking action. It allows you to use your power without being threatened or rejected.
(Adolph Hitler, Sigmund Freud, George Bush)

A Generator (37% of the population) is one of life’s great WORKERS. You love “to do.” This “loving what you do” power generates vitality. The key to your power is RESPONSE, a gut response to loving what you do. Be patient. Your strategy is WAITING. You’re like an attraction magnet. People, things and circumstances always come to you. Regardless of conditioning, don’t initiate. If you do, it’ll leave you stuck, confused and eternally frustrated.
(Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Oprah)

A Manifesting Generator (33% of the population), like the Generator, is life’s great WORKER. You love “to do.” And, like the Manifestor, you have INITIATING power. How do you unleash this power? The key to your power is WAITING to respond, even when holding back makes you frustrated and angry. You too are an attraction magnet. People, things and circumstances always come to you. Be patient. Wait to respond and respond from your gut. And, before you initiate be sure to INFORM.
(Hilary Clinton, Michael Jordon, Tom Hanks)

A Projector (20% of the population) is exhausted from having been conditioned to initiate and “do.” This is NOT who you are. Your gift is GUIDING, managing and DIRECTING others’ power effectively and efficiently. You’re good at it, and you know it. However, you must WAIT; wait for an INVITATON to use your skills. When you don’t, you’re not heard or seen. This makes you bitter. Your strategy is waiting for the RIGHT invitation. Being recognized by the right people for your right gifts validates you. It brings you energy and fulfills your potential.
(Princess Di, John F Kennedy, Paul McCartney)

A Reflector (only 1% of the population) is like the canary in a coal mine, picking up energy and reflecting it back into the environment. You are incredibly in tune with your surroundings, and they are always changing. This can bring a sense of awe and wonder or a potential for disappointment. Your tendency is to feel secure with a trusted entourage. Your strategy is WAIT 28 days. Collect perspectives through the reflection of others. You’ll feel more secure when you’ve bounced ideas off your trusted group of friends. If not, you’ll be disappointed with the conditioning you’ve accepted.
(Michael Jackson, Richard Burton, Rosalind Carter)

Got your type? Do any of these descriptions resonate for you?

Live Bold and Squeeze the Juice. Discover your personality type and get to your core. Bust through your conditioning and explode your power.

Score your “10s” and rock your world!


Still don’t know your type? Request your FREE Human Energy Design Chart. Discover your unique imprinting. You’ll be asked to provide your date and time of birth as well as birth location. As a gift, you’ll receive Unlocking the Truth of Who You Are, a five-part e-course on the basic elements of your blueprint.

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