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October 22, 2007
Issue #14
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression
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When the Student is Ready...

Step 6 of The Rebel Belle Guide to Bold Self-Expression is:

When the Student is Ready... A Rebel Belle magically attracts what she needs for her growth and fulfillment.

Wow, what a manifestation I’ve had in this area of my life, ABSOLUTE FLOW. I’ve been amazed at the Divine Right Order in how people, books, events and circumstances have ALWAYS shown up at the appropriate and most needed times in my life. At first I believed this was coincidence. Now, I know its magic, AND the magic is mine.

I’m a personal growth enthusiast, or what’s humorously referred to as a self help nerd and personal growth junkie; An individual who willingly PAYS, ad nauseum, for self improvement, personal growth and self-empowerment books, coaching, workshops and resources.

Now, I’m not an enthusiast because I believe there’s anything wrong with me or I need to be fixed, although it may have started that way. I’m simply passionate about learning... ABOUT ME!

I’m emotionally empowered when I discover new aspects of myself and why I do the things I do. It stimulates me to ponder my life’s work and who I am at the deepest core of my being. It rocks my world when someone or something challenges my current level of thinking and reality. I get to overcome certain fears, see and accept a person or situation in a whole new way. I’m jazzed with opportunities to embrace uncertainty, anticipating like a kid on Christmas morning how fabulous my life will unfold as the Universe brings me people, resources and circumstances grander than ANYTHING I could ever have imagined.

Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you love for this to be a description of how you live your life?

What if you could feel inspired and emotionally empowered to break through fears, expand possibilities for your life, attract people, resources and circumstances you need, to create life results that rock your world?

You can! It’s easy. You’re already doin’ it. Wanna know how?

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Human Design: Live Bold and Squeeze the Juice!

Would you love to:

• Live bold and squeeze the juice?
• Discover what makes your heart sing?
• Play while you do the work you love?
• Make joyful money?
• Create totally satisfying partnerships?
• Fall madly in love with yourself and boldly toot your horn?

Would it rock your world to score a “10” in every area of life—relationships, career, money, health, fulfillment AND fun?

Perhaps you’re already doing it. If so, a Rebel Belle Yell! and congratulations!

The alternative, however, must feel yucky! It must feel like a life of struggle, forever pushing a rock uphill, never getting what you want no matter how hard you work, work, work and spin your wheels. Maybe you’re frustrated and angry, tired of watching others get what you know you’re capable of manifesting, disappointed and bitter that other people bask in the recognition that you so desperately desire and deserve. You KNOW you have what it takes but you just can’t figure out the HOW!

Does this ring true for you? If so, I have a secret... discovering the HOW.

What would you say if I told you that the secret to manifesting what you want, generating it with ease, being recognized for your talents and knowing who you are is as simple as knowing your PERSONALITY TYPE?

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