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September 22, 2007: Issue #14
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Belle with Balls: Dr. Niama Leslie Williams

Belles with Balls PodcastFolks, I’d like to introduce an abundantly passionate and delicious ball of empowered energy, Dr. Niama Leslie Williams. This month’s Belle with Balls is a poet, writer and teacher who boldly proclaims her life purpose and inspires others by sharing her story of trauma and healing.

Of her purpose for writing, Dr. Williams says, “I frequently do not err on the side of caution in my writing, but I believe in the purpose of it: to speak to the things others do not want to speak of, with the hopes of reaching that one woman, or her lover, or her friend, who refuses to deal with her pain, who hides from it, who doesn't think she'll survive it. That’s the audience I hope to reach.” 

Niama Leslie Williams possesses a doctorate in African American literature from Temple University, a bachelor’s in comparative literature from Occidental College, and a master’s in professional writing from the University of Southern California. 

Her work has appeared in numerous issues of Poets & Writers magazine. Check the Rhyme: An Anthology of Female Poets & Emcees was nominated for an NAACP Image Award (2007). Her short story “The Embrace” was selected for the 2006-2007 Writing Aloud series at the InterAct Theatre Company in Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Williams hosts Poetry & Prose & Anything Goes with Dr. Ni on Tuesdays from 8pm to 9pm (Eastern) on Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio.

Niama is most proud and excited about the six books available for sale on Lulu.com, an online print-on-demand publisher based in the U.K. Three of these books also are available on Amazon.com.

Dr. Ni’s primary audience is survivors. She writes for those who have experienced trauma, who are enduring trauma, who are coming out of the other side of trauma.

“I want to share my story and tell my truth because I want them to see that no matter what the trauma is, it is survivable, it is growth surviving, there is a full rich life on the other side of whatever trauma you’ve experienced, if you choose to live it.”

Niama was born in Los Angeles to what she terms “a well-to-do, black bourgeois neighborhood” and highly intellectual parents. She grew up in a family in which secrets were kept. Even though abuse was going on and went on for many years, nobody talked about it or noticed it, at least to Niama’s knowledge.

Obedience and following the rules became her protection from being hurt. She achieved in school, setting out to accomplish her PhD. What Niama wasn’t prepared for was what to do once accomplishing that goal. She delightfully shares that at age 45, with her biggest goal achieved, she realized her future was completely and totally in her hands.

With a new level of self-acceptance, self-love and boldness, she decided to blow up any barriers blocking her path. She began to write books. Her first two novels, The Journey and its sequel Detective Fiction, are her memoirs. They share her story—you can live in hell, survive hell, come out of the other side, and not only survive, you can fly.

In addition, Niama developed a clear vision for Blowing Up Barriers Enterprises, her newly formed company which provides writing services, publishing assistance, and writing workshops for creativity and healing.

Niama Rules for Blowing Up Barriers:

Listen to, cultivate and trust your still small voice within. It will tell you the truth and guide you to where you want to be. You come to this planet with everything you need to exist, live, survive, thrive, and love. Be courageous enough to do what it tells you to do.

Study your craft. Whatever your vocation, avocation, or creative work, study your craft.

A Rebel Belle Yell! to you Dr. Ni for Blowing Up Your Barriers.

Hear Dr. Ni’s inspiring, revealing and deeply moving account of trauma, survival and blowing up barriers by listening to “Tuck Talk,” my podcast interview of this passionate and energetic woman.


To purchase Niama’s novels, books and poetry, visit Lulu.com.

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