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September 26, 2007: Issue #13
Share a Mentor – Pay a Li’l Gratitude Forward
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Share a Mentor – Pay a Li’l Gratitude Forward

Do you currently have a coach, mentor, teacher or supporter who makes a difference in your life? Do you have a guide or trusted person who models the results you want, inspired you to claim your power, unleash your creativity, take risks and realize your goals and dreams?

I do. And, I’m delighted, in my anniversary edition to The Rebel Belle Yell! to pay tribute, say thank you and express my gratitude to the masterful models that’ve made a difference in my life.

Boldly expressing their voices in the world, these individuals have dedicated their life work in service to their purpose. As Doctor, Therapist, Reverend, Coach, Consultant and Teacher, these individuals have expanded, motivated, inspired, and empowered my life and my coaching, unleashing my boldest voice of self-expression, full out and on my terms!

Let me share how:

Deepak ChopraThe Seven Spiritual Laws transformed my life, waking me up to the magic, power and freedom of living life on purpose.

Bob Proctor – The Science of Getting Rich Mentoring Program introduced me to mentoring, creating a foundation for the personal empowerment journey that’s still rockin’ my world.

Dr. Meg Haworth – As a first-time student, this first spiritual teacher and angel in disguise catapulted my spiritual transformation and journey in Becoming Who I Am.

Dr. Carol McCall – A Master and Model for Empowered Listening, Dr. Carol taught me to be a “listening coach.” She says there’s a world waiting to be heard.

Frank Mallinder – The Wise Coach. Frank was my first Life Coach. And, like a 1st love, this gentle and intuitive man has influenced my life and coaching forever.

Dr. Michael Ryce – His Why is This Happening to Me Again? book and lecture brilliantly integrates body, mind, spirit, energy, science and religion. It’s healing made simple. If I’m in pain, then I’m the one in error. What a concept!

Debbie Bermont – An outrageously gifted and talented business consultant, Debbie taught me to build and accelerate an Outrageous Business aligned from my heart and soul.

John Payne - The Ancestral Healing and Family Constellations facilitator and enormously gifted man healed many of my deepest issues and those of generations before and after.

Philippe Matthews – My current mentor and teacher is shocking and rocking my world with his SHOCKphilosophy™ and his Radical Self Evolution™.

Tuck, The Rebel Belle – This coach, mentor and teacher inspires me to wake up, crank it up, and squeeze the juice from life with passion, purpose and a lot of play. Oops... that’s me!

Dolly Parton once said, “When I’m inspired, I get excited because I can’t wait to see what I’ll come up with next.”

Touché. I inspire myself everyday. Thanks to the contributions of these fabulous masterful mentors.


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