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September 26, 2007
Issue #13
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression
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Share a Mentor – Pay a Li’l Gratitude Forward

Do you currently have a coach, mentor, teacher or supporter who makes a difference in your life? Do you have a guide or trusted person who models the results you want, inspired you to claim your power, unleash your creativity, take risks and realize your goals and dreams?

I do. And, I’m delighted, in my anniversary edition to The Rebel Belle Yell! to pay tribute, say thank you and express my gratitude to the masterful models that’ve made a difference in my life.

Boldly expressing their voices in the world, these individuals have dedicated their life work in service to their purpose. As Doctor, Therapist, Reverend, Coach, Consultant and Teacher, these individuals have expanded, motivated, inspired, and empowered my life and my coaching, unleashing my boldest voice of self-expression, full out and on my terms!

Let me share how:

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I Like Being Me!

You know what? I haven’t always been able to say that... but today, it’s true. I like being me!

I even enjoy being a li’l selfish, putting myself first and occasionally tootin’ my horn. Is that arrogant? Some people think so. It must be how come many women give a “False” response to my “Are you Livin’ Your BellePower?” survey questions:

• I love myself completely and unconditionally.
• I celebrate my uniqueness and always put myself first.
• I’m comfortable tootin’ my horn.
• And... I am squeezing the juice and joy from my journey doing what I love to do.

Wow. WTF? Would you answer “False” to these questions too? Why?
In my career as a coach, I see many women hide, deny and suppress their uniqueness. Afraid to play big, they fear appearing selfish or arrogant. Rather than hearing them voice their confidence, uniqueness and zest for life, I hear limiting comments from old patterns of fear and conditioning like:

• I’m afraid to be me
• I’m not good at setting boundaries
• I need to be certain before I take action
• I compare myself to others
• I’m tired of trying to prove myself
• I’m not recognized or heard
• I feel pressure to be “doing” something, to be productive
• I never know when enough is enough
• I hang onto to people, jobs, and relationships too long
• I’ll be happy when I find the “right” career, person, or direction in life

Does this sound like you? Are these conversations about your life?

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