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September 26, 2007: Issue #13
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Belle with Balls: Linda Dessau

Belles with Balls PodcastSinging, creating, talking, editing and writing her way into the heart of her clients is the multi-talented Linda Dessau of You Talk, I’ll Write. Linda is a certified coach, professional writer and editor, working exclusively with coaches, speakers and organizers.

Linda’s passion is sparking your creativity, magically making your ideas come alive. She IS the Idea Generator. She’ll polish your words and make them SHINE or lend you hers, giving you a voice to be heard.

This Belle with Balls is boldly proclaiming she’s found her voice. Her path to joy and squeezing the juice is a long and winding road.

Linda Dessau always loved writing. She wrote comic strips as a child and fiction as a teen. Her love for writing continues even today in songwriting with her therapy clients. Writing, however, wasn’t Linda’s first career choice. You see... at age six, Linda found her voice. She’s been singing from her soul ever since, passionately sharing her magic through song, and that led to her first career as a music therapist.

Linda then got a wake-up call in the form a back injury, when she made the connection, first-hand, between stress and health. She pared back her music therapy work and added a new path to her life, becoming a certified coach committed to “Genuine Self Care,” for herself and others.

“For creative artists, life is particularly stressful,” says Linda. “It’s physically, emotionally and mentally demanding.” And so Linda revamped her coaching business in 2004, to promote the message of Genuine Self-Care and teach artists “How to Thrive as a Creative Artist” in the world.

Not so fast... Linda got another wake-up call. To her surprise, while coaching her clients, Linda was drawn to the marketing strategies of writing articles, newsletters, blogs, web content, e-courses and more. It was fun and easy, as if she were back writing comic books and fiction stories as a child. Linda’s coach suggested that writing, polishing words, sharing her voice for other coaches through written words was her calling.

“I fought her tooth and nail, but eventually saw the light. I found my voice again. I live my passion every day. I lend and share my words of empowerment, self-care, choice, awareness and attraction to make the world a better place. What a way to make a living!” Linda hung out her new writing shingle, and You Talk, I'll Write has been growing ever since.

A Rebel Belle Yell! Linda Dessau for finding your voice and writing from your soul!

Linda says most clients don’t know where to start when it comes to writing. They have limiting beliefs and self sabotaging thoughts like:

1) Who am I to write anything?
2) I don’t see how it could possibly help my business.
3) I don’t know what to write about.
4) I don’t know how to get started.
5) I don’t want bad writing to ruin my reputation.

These myths need to be dispelled. They sabotage self-expression, keep you from being bold, and keep you from making the difference (and the income!) you deserve.

Are you letting your great ideas pile up because you don’t know how to start or write? Need an Idea Generator?

Linda is expert at inspiring renewed passion for your goals, business and ideas. She takes your ideas, puts them into writing, polishes them and structures their content, recommending a strategy and moving you forward “From Ideas to Income.”

Don’t forget to drop by Tuck Talk for my fun and engaging podcast interview with this fabulous Belle with Balls.


Linda Dessau currently is offering a five-part tele-class — “From Ideas to Income” — to dispel those Top Five Myths that Stop Coaches from Making Money by Writing. If you’d like to position yourself as an expert in your field, see your name featured in newsletters, magazines and websites and profit from your knowledge and skills through e-books, workbooks and other products, you won’t want to miss it! www.fromideastoincome.com

Be sure to grab Linda’s free tool mentioned in the podcast: The Top 10 Article to help you write a Top 10 article. You can get it at www.youtalk-iwrite.com.

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