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August 22, 2007
Issue #12
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression
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Red Velvet Cake


Are you comfy with the process of creating what you desire? Aware you do it every moment of every day? Everything in life up to this point, and forever moving forward is, was and will be created by you. Not just some of, ALL of it! YOU’RE DOIN’ IT!

Question: Does it seem as challenging for you at times as it does for me? Recently, I pondered how come it seems more challenging to create items on My Dream List than to create something simple like My Favorite Dessert – Red Velvet Cake.

In recording the process, the simplicity of creating My Favorite Dessert – Red Velvet Cake versus the actual experience, here’s what I discovered:

Red Velvet Cake – The SIMPLE Version

Step One: Have desire.
Pure ease. My desire is to create and enjoy every morsel of Red Velvet Cake.

Step Two: Ponder and enjoy ALL possibilities for creation. Ask and receive, right? Here are a few choices:
    • Go to a bakery and buy it.
    • Ask Heather to make her “kick ass” cake for me.
    • Use a Duncan Hines boxed version.
    • Make it from scratch.

Step Three: CHOOSE a possibility. Go for it. For adventure and challenge, I decide to make it from scratch. Now what?
    • Find a simple from-scratch recipe in my cookbooks.
    • Call Heather for her “kick ass” recipe.
    • Armed with recipes, go to the store for ingredients.
   (• For one small moment, ALMOST wimp out and buy Duncan Hines.)

Step Four: Do it! Let creativity begin. Jump in, enjoy the process, ask for help and adjust along the way. My kitchen is a disaster area! Oops, I mean “creativity area.” I’m off and cooking with no clue how this will turn out, but who cares? I’m having fun, cooking and learning, learning and cooking, licking cake and icing along the way, having a blast.

Step Five: Savor the fruits (in this case, the desserts) of labor. Share the experience. I invite Larry, the boyfriend, to share the experience of delighting in every delicious morsel of my Red Velvet Cake. He tells me over and over how awesome I am. I’m complete!

Now, folks, this was the SIMPLE version of creating. The same principles apply in all situations, whether creating a Big Dream or My Favorite Dessert. However, the actual version that follows is what usually happens:

Red Velvet Cake – The ACTUAL Version
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Got Emotion?
(The Solar Plexus Awareness Center)

splenic center• Do you ride the wave of your emotions enjoying the pleasure they bring?
• Do you stuff, fight, deny, and try to hold them back to control them?
• Perhaps you let them flow in full emotional expression, then guilt, shame and blame yourself for your response and emotional outburst!

Maybe you’ve experienced the exuberance, passion, desire and romance of your emotions in one moment, only to plunder into emotional melancholy, depression and moodiness the next. Or, you might know someone like this, and your strategy is to avoid confrontation with them, be nice and not rock their boat.

Whatever the response, the emotional nature of your design is revealed through an understanding of your solar plexus. How it’s defined, or undefined, and imprinted with the individual gates of fear brings enormous insight into how you make decisions, respond to life and experience your feelings, emotions, needs, desires, passions and sensitivities.

The Solar Plexus is your third center of awareness. It’s spirit awareness and spirit consciousness. It is also a motor. As a powerful motor for your emotions, feelings and sensitivities, your solar plexus dominates your emotional nature. It moves in a wave from highs to emotional lows and back again. And, whether defined or undefined, it can rule your life. The fears of this emotional wave manifest within you as nervousness.

Awareness and understanding of your individual process and the mechanics of your motor and wave, is a first step in creating stability and neutrality in your life. When you recognize emotional patterns, and allow them to flow to their natural conclusion of peace and balance, spirit can emerge. Spiritual awareness is being responsible for your emotions. It’s acknowledging and accepting your emotions along with the emotions of others. This creates psychic and sacred space, and spirit can emerge.

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