a Newsletter from Tuck Self, the Rebel Belle
July 22, 2007: Issue #11
Permission to Be Me
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression

Permission to Be Me


God help you if you are a phoenix and dare to rise up from the ash; a thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy as you are just flying past.
                                          - Ani DiFranco

OMG! I love this quote! It’s so me!

Why do I say that? For most of my life, I’ve felt like a phoenix. I’ve created relationships, a marriage, careers and experiences that rocked my world. Then, without regret, I’ve moved on, fearlessly embracing each new experience.

Rising up from the ashes is a blast for me! I love challenges that stretch and expand my thinking. I love opportunities to overcome my fears, master experiences and create new possibilities in life. People ask me why I can’t be “normal” like the rest of the world and stay in one job, marriage or relationship indefinitely. I’m told I change my mind a lot, that I’m compulsive and that I obsessively look for new experiences to immerse myself in, as if this is bad behavior.

You know what? It doesn’t feel bad to me. It feels natural. It feels like following my passion, while embracing uncertainty and moving in the direction of my dreams. It juices me, actually!

It hasn’t always been this way. For many years the opinions of others weighed heavily in guiding my behavior. In the beginning, it seemed more important to be and do what others wanted rather than follow my own inner voice. Perhaps that’s when my rebellious nature was born. I began to hear labels such as difficult, rebellious, flighty, chaotic, intense and non-committal. I felt I had to push against the world and ask permission to be me... thus, the Rebel Belle.

Over the years, my perspective has changed. As I do “my work,” I’m more comfortable being me, expressing myself, and giving myself permission to do what I love to do. I know that following my inner guidance, labeled “rebellious” by others, was simply ME trying to be free to spread my wings and fly... like a phoenix.

In truth, there has never been anything to push or rebel against, simply the awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance of me. Once I was bold enough to be me, doing what I love to do, embracing every aspect of my emotional being, freedom rang. I rose from the ashes like a phoenix. I’ve been flying ever since!

So, how did this phoenix rise from the ash to fly full out and on her terms? I contribute my flight to my commitment to personal growth and empowerment and three powerfully life-transforming discoveries:

Life Purpose: Discovering Life Purpose woke me up. I discovered what I had been looking for all my life... ME! Aligned with my strengths and talents, doing what I was here to do—boldly expressing my unique voice in service to the world—brought passion, peace, direction and fulfillment to my life. Life Purpose is my guide for aligning the essence of who I am in the world with my purpose for being here—a catalyst for transformation. Take my Passion Purpose + Play discovery e-course now.

Human Design: Human Design rocked the foundation of my world. It revealed my truth through a blueprint of my DNA. I discovered my type as an Emotional Manifesting Generator, a description I desperately tried to deny for most of my life. I am energetic, intense, emotional and moody, and I frequently change directions. My life role is empowering others to feel their emotions and move in the direction of new dreams. Human Design is my instruction manual for being The Rebel Belle in her boldest voice of self-expression! Purchase a Human Design PDF overview today!

Personal Magic: Personal Magic confirmed the experience of my life – cycles of change, self-examination and leaving people and things in the dust! My Personal Magic is Phoenix Magic, the power to transform, reform outworn structures and create by transforming energy. YES, this described the magical essence of me—in power, rather than out of power. Personal Magic is not what I do, it IS who I am. Personal Magic is the essence of my spirit. Download a Personal Magic sheet (pdf) courtesy of JennieMarlow.com.

Folks, this was (and is) my path of personal empowerment, freedom and bold self-expression. And, these were a few of the tools that rocked my journey. How’s yours? Are you living your passion? Have you found your purpose? Are you sharing your boldest voice of self-expression with the world, full out and on your terms?

Come fly with me!

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