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July 22, 2007: Issue #11
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Belle with Balls: Marcia Breitenbach

Belles with Balls PodcastEmpowering the Magnificent You! with songs that change your life is our July Belle with Balls, Marcia Breitenbach, national speaker, author, songwriter and Transformational Specialist.

Marcia is known as the “Song Letter Lady.” Her passion is empowering her clients to use the winds of change in their lives, to wake up, transform and claim their magnificence! Through the creation of her original and intentional music, Marcia guides, inspires, motivates and awakens her clients to magnificence, what she says IS their essence and soul.

Twenty years ago, Marcia stumbled through a trio of life changing events. She refers to these events as her “gifts of awakening.” These gifts became the catalyst for change in her life, which inspired her opening to spirit, owning her magnificence and creating the music that ultimately became her healing.

The power of this personal healing and awakening through music and song has given Marcia her mission—to be an instrument of peace and healing, assisting others to wake up, and live a magnificent life... NOW!

“It’s time to awaken and remember who you are,” says Marcia in her signature song, “The Magnificent You.” People need reminders of their beauty, wholeness, and ability to create their dreams. With the stress and problems of their everyday world, people buy into their limiting beliefs, feelings of being “less than,” and lose sight of how magnificent they truly are.

A song can change your life, sings Marcia! Music has the ability to pass the “invisible” saboteurs and go straight to your subconscious mind. Vibrations of the words and music massage your psyche, creating new beliefs and stronger path ways to your brain confirming to you just how fabulously magnificent you really are!

Sound weird? Are you a shower singer or a closet rock star? Have you ever heard a song only to repeat it in your head over and over again? I know this can be painful when you don’t like the tune, but what if the song empowers your magnificence? How would it feel for YOU to sing to you about how powerful and magnificent you are? What a concept! It sure beats listening to others tell you who you are, what you can and what you can’t do.

Enter the “Song Letter Lady” with a song for every change, challenge and celebration in your life. Marcia’s newsletter, The Songletter, delivers original inspirational songs that will address any area of your life, along with instructional support on how to use her songs effectively and with intention. Intention shifts circumstances and changes limiting beliefs. And, empowering any song with your boldest voice of self-expression and authority, increases a thousand fold the vibration and power of that song.

Oh, and here’s secret... Marcia suggests breathing consciously when listening to a song you like or any music that nourishes your soul. Conscious use of your breath expands you and allows space for the song’s message to move into the cells of your body.

In fact, take a moment every day and breathe: Release your feelings of “less than” or “not good enough,” and decrease the stress that brings harm to your body, spirit, heart and mind. Challenges come into your life for a reason, exactly like Marcia’s “gifts of awakening” did. Relax, breathe, meditate, sing a song, catch the breeze and move with the winds of change.

Breathe in your magnificence—all of it... NOW!

I invite you to access Marcia’s free gift and life-changing tool, to touch your heart and rock your soul: “The Magnificent You,” the song that can change your life!


For information on Marcia’s empowering books, CDs, DVDs and new body of work called Catch the Breeze, visit www.TheMagnificentYou.com.

You can contact Marcia Breitenbach, MA, LPC, CCH at 520-975-5376.

Visit the Tuck Talk podcast interview with Marcia, where she shares how her gifts of awakening opened her to the spirit and healing power of music.

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