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June 25, 2007: Issue #10
Got Feelings?
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression

Got Feelings? A Closer Look at the Human Design Splenic Center


Centers Graph• Are you physically aware of your body?
• Do you feel good and healthy in your own skin?
• Do you trust your instincts and intuition?

Perhaps you’re someone who makes quick decisions. You love spontaneity. Or, maybe you’re the opposite, afraid to take risks, to change or make quick decisions, therefore you hold onto things longer than you should.

Whatever you feel, and how you answer these questions, has everything to do with your splenic awareness center, how it’s defined, undefined and how you’re imprinted with the individual gates of fear. Your splenic awareness center yields enormous insight into your survival, how you navigate your world and embrace and overcome your fears. You FEEL YOUR LIFE through the experience of your body!! Let’s explore how...

The spleen is the oldest of the awareness centers. It has the potential to guide your life through awareness in the “now.” Its function is health, well-being and survival through spontaneous response of intuition, instinct or taste. Its frequency, vibration and voice is a spontaneous response which comes only once. When you’re not attuned with your body, how you feel in your skin, and your instincts and intuitions, you miss the value of one of your greatest awareness tools; not only for surviving and navigating your world, but transforming your fears and creating the life you desire.

A defined spleen (colored in) has the potential for good health and a sense of well-being that is consistent and spontaneous. Well-being depends on being attuned to and paying attention to the signals of your body. Your gut feeling, intuition, instinct and taste will guide you, in making healthy choices and navigating your fears. When you feel healthy, everyone around you feels healthy.

Undefined spleens (open) have no consistent sense of that same “feel good.” Well-being is vulnerable to the vibrations of others. When people around you feel good, you hang on forever to their “feel good,” and their spontaneity. When others feel sick, bad or afraid, you take those feelings in and amplify them. When aware and attuned to your own feelings, you aren’t as vulnerable to the vibrations and fears of others. You are deeply wise about assessing energies and understanding how to transform these fears.

What are the gates and fears (imprints) of the splenic awareness center?

18 – Correction
Fear: Authority
Awareness of flaws and what needs correcting
Fear of being corrected and challenged by authority, when questioning the logic of established rules and patterns

28 - Risk-Taking
Fear: Death/Life without Purpose
Awareness of risks that bring value in life
Fear struggle and risk is meaningless if it has no purpose and value

32 - Continuity
Fear: Failure
Awareness instinct for value of people and things
Fear of failure and feeling unsupported brings resistance to change and conservatism.

50 - Values
Fear: Responsibility

Awareness to uphold or challenge values and responsibilities
Fear the burden of nurturing, defending and protecting the family, community and world

44 - Alertness
Fear: The Past
Awareness instinct for potential in others
Lack of trust in memory and instinct bring fear of repeating the past

57 - Intuitive Clarity
Fear: Tomorrow
Intuitive awareness to vibration and sound
Fear of the unknown and exists everywhere but present moment

48 - Depth
Fear: Inadequacy
Natural awareness and potential for solutions
Fear of not knowing enough and driven to improve skills

So how do YOU feel? Got feeling? Attune to your greatest potential... your body. Access your feelings through the awareness of your body, its instincts, intuitions and the fears it communicates.

You were born with a unique genetic blueprint, and within that blueprint is the potential for conscious and physical awareness of YOUR feelings. As a tool of awareness, your splenic design brings trust in your feelings, alignment with your power and confidence in your choices for fulfillment in your life.

Want to know how to access your bodies’ tool for physical awareness? Request your free Human Design Energy Chart to see how your spleen is configured with definition and imprinting. To complete an accurate blueprint, you will be asked to provide your date and time of birth as well as birth location. As a gift, you’ll receive Unlocking the Truth of Who You Are, a five-part e-course on the basic elements of your blueprint.

Want more details? As a companion to your personal chart, you may be interested in purchasing my Personal Blueprint PDF Overview, which is designed to guide you through your chart and give an explanation of your type.

Interested in learning more about Human Design? For those seeking an introduction and “quick start” guide to Human Design concepts, types and centers, my Human Design Starter Kit is a must!

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