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June 25 , 2007: Issue #10
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Belle with Balls: Alana Semple

Belles with Balls PodcastThis month’s June Belle spotlights the health and nutrition arena, Alana Semple, Wellness Coach and Consultant, Microscopist and colon cancer survivor.

“Come see what YOU are building,” says Alana. Certified in LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS, Alana performs a unique test with a single drop of your “live” blood.

Ouch! Not really — I’ve had it done, and it’s amazing!

When your blood is placed under a high-powered research-grade microscope, you can observe a living picture of it, projected onto a TV monitor screen, and compare your sample to a "normal" one.

Why would anyone want to do this? You’d be amazed at what a “living” picture of your blood tells you about your health.

• The status of your body’s transportation system (your blood) in delivering nutrients and oxygen to your cell tissues.

• The vitality of your immune system and its ability to fight infection and disease.

• Whether your organs and body are stressed due to overload of toxins.

• How you’re digesting your foods, or not...

• If you’re dehydrated, nutritionally deficient or have raging hormones.

So, how do you recognize these issues observing “live” blood?

Alana is trained to look for deficiencies. Certain vitamin or mineral deficiencies change the appearance of cells. You can have either free floating healthy red blood cells working with aggressive, intelligent white blood cells, built from whole and natural foods... or... sticky, pitifully weak red and white blood cells clumped together, built from pizza, beer, soda, ice cream and more. The choice is yours.

If you’re feeling sluggish, fat, bloated, hungry or hormonal, have indigestion, gas, headaches and even allergies, your blood cells are probably in the sticky, clumpy and pitifully weak group. Yuck!

The good news? Since you build new blood cells every 90-120 days, you can change your health in a very short period of time.

Anyone can make basic lifestyle changes, says Alana. She suggests keeping it simple; in fact, Alana tells her clients to look at their bodies as a bank. Whole foods put into your body are like putting money in your bank. Every time you think, feel or do anything, you’re writing checks, drawing money (and energy) out of your bank account. Make sure you have enough money (and energy) in your account for how you live your life. More money (energy), more life!

Alana’s recommendation for building a healthy lifestyle based on what she would do for herself and family:

Begin by eating a few organic and whole foods, raw fruits and vegetables. Eat more salads, less fats and sugars. Don’t switch over completely, and give yourself a gift of three “free” meals a week. You won’t feel you’re depriving yourself.

Supplement with enzymes. An average diet includes huge amounts of hard-to-digest protein-, sugar- and enzyme-deficient foods. In an attempt to produce enzymes, this puts enormous stress and overload on your body. Taking enzymes creates balance and relieves this stress on your bodies vital organs.

Detox. Elimination is important! Would you never take out your garbage? Emotional and environmental toxins get stored in your body. Toxins need to be expelled. When they’re not, your system gets backed up, providing a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria and organisms, causing self-poisoning.

Drink lots of water...

And finally, LOVE YOUR BODY! Visualize beautiful healthy red blood cells and healthy organs. Speak powerful words with intention as you eat your foods. Give power to what you are taking and create a conscious connection with your body. Affirm: “This is building strong healthy red blood cells, strong organs. This is making me strong and healthy!”

You rock, Alana! Thank you for the work you do. A Rebel Belle Yell! to you for including spirit, intention and visualization in your work. I am inspired by your dedication to health, healing and spiritual truth.


Folks, if you’d like to learn more about Alana, her work and the products she recommends, visit www.naturalconcepts4you.com.

If you are interested in hosting a Live Blood Analysis in your area, you may reach Alana at 888-878-4150.

I invite you to listen to my interview of Alana Semple by way of my podcast. Enjoy her soft, informative and delightful presentation. Alana has walked her talk. As a colon cancer survivor, she was compelled to make lifestyle changes and learn as much as she could about nutrition. She’s studied and mentored for 14 years with many nutritional industry icons, and she’s still going strong. Give her a listen, and see what YOU are building.

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