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May 22, 2007: Issue #9
The Manifestations of
a Heart’s Desire
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression

The Manifestations of a Heart’s Desire


Mother’s Day! I love it! So... Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world this month! For most of my life, every year on Mother’s Day I’ve had the honor and privilege of celebrating and showering my mom with love and affection. Boy, did she deserve it! I know I was a challenge, and with three others like me—well, almost like me—I know she had her hands full. It always warmed my heart to focus on and give back to her on this very special day of the year.

Then it was my turn. I became a mom. And, once a year just like I had with my mom, my two precious children would focus on and shower me with love, affection and appreciation. Why is this day so special? Is it because once a year we take time to remember all the good things about our mom, to the exclusion of any negative thoughts? Is it that we relive precious memories of the past understanding those memories are gone forever? All I know is that on this day I feel connected—connected to the one that birthed my life.

As I’ve grown, Mother’s Day has taken on a whole different meaning. Rather than Mother’s Day being about me, I’ve found myself focusing on MY children, reminding myself how much I love them, how precious they are to me, how much I treasure being their mother, and, most of all, the experience of their unconditional love.

In a world filled with massive amounts of information (today concerning the secret to manifesting your heart’s desire), I am astounded at my magnificence as a creative being. The realization that I, along with my ex-husband and ancestry, created my two amazing children blows my mind. I am forever grateful for this creation experience.

I recently was asked in a Life Purpose class to write about the three most significant events in my life, understanding that somewhere in those events I’d discover the purpose for my life. One of those events was the manifestation of my two children—the creation event that rocked my world!

Have you ever experienced an intense desire to have something in your life? You’re clear you’re ready to have it. You know you can make it happen. You know how. You dream about it everyday using your imagination and wonder. You plan for it. And, in addition to planning for it, you feel it, you feed it, you nurture it, you see it coming literally and figuratively... more and more each day... until you actually breathe life into it and become it!

I have had, through the creation event of my children, the ultimate experience of my life. And in doing so, I discovered my purpose as creator. I now know exactly what it’s like to manifest a heart’s desire to co-create two unbelievably precious beings from an intention and a desire. I dreamed, imagined, believed and loved them to fruition. Then like any magnificent creator, I experienced that creation, with love, joy, exuberance and bountiful emotion.

This year, in celebrating Mother’s Day, I’d like to honor and acknowledge my kids, the manifestations of my heart’s desire, my two uniquely expressive creations: Caleb and Jamie Davis.

Thank you! Thank you for being you. And thank you for this fabulous journey with you. Thank you for the experience of receiving love and giving love unconditionally and without limitation. Thank you for being my teachers. And, finally thank you for your trust in allowing me to live my truth—as bold as it is... full out and on my terms!

I love you and honor you on this day!

I invite you to take time and ponder these questions:

What were the three most creative times in your life? When did you feel and experience love, joy, exuberance, and bountiful emotion? What where the three most significant events for you? I invite you to share. Please pop me an email. I’d love to know!


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