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May 22, 2007: Issue #9
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Belle with Balls: Emily Diane Gunter

Belles with Balls PodcastFolks, I’d like to introduce a huge burst of refreshing, passionate and power packed ball of energy; a deeply spiritual, compassionate, humble woman chock-full of wisdom. This month’s Belle with Balls is Emily Diane Gunter, founder of the Rites of Passage Youth Empowerment Foundation, and she’s on a mission!

Emily Gunter is a keynote and motivational speaker, seminar leader, lecturer, retreat facilitator, youth academic coach and spiritual life coach. She tours the USA and United Kingdom officiating Rites of Passage Youth Empowerment retreats. In addition, she facilitates Elder Certification Training retreats for communities interested in implementing these programs into their schools, churches and community centers. Folks, this program impacts the lives of today’s youth... and I’m excited about it!

Emily says, “It is my mission to bring peace to our world through the personal empowerment and spiritual development of all people.” She’s a woman who walks her talk: In July, Emily is headed to Miami to set up new headquarters for the Rites of Passage Youth Empowerment Program, where the first school, campsite and retreat centers will be built. And, as Emily continues to travel the world sharing her work, she will be spending 30 days in Kenya, seeing, speaking to, touching and working with 9,000 youth and the people who work with them.

I am awed by the impact and magnitude of this woman’s work in the world.

Emily is the author of three books, all written while she trekked the Himalayas of India, Tibet and Nepal. Her latest book, Thirteen Golden Keys to Learning: A Spiritual Journey, is the foundation of Emily’s teachings and the curriculum for the Rites of Passage Programs. These principles teach how to access, organize and expand the power and genius of the mind, while deeply connecting to the spirit within.

This phenomenal program arose from a need Emily discovered as an emergency pre-calculus college professor in San Diego, California. With a story similar to that of the movies Dangerous Minds and Freedom Writers, Emily brought success, empowered thinking and enthusiasm for learning into the classroom, ultimately changing the lives and direction of her students and herself. Unable to find a book or manual using her theories and techniques, Emily was compelled to write and compile her own manual for learning.

The Rites of Passage Youth Empowerment Program assists youth to find a sense of self and purpose in their lives. It is a step-by-step, holistic method that teaches students how to breath, relax and learn with enthusiasm. Using the 13 principles in the book, students learn the answers to questions like: Who are you? Who’s in your body? What are your dreams and values? What is your genius? And, how can you use your genius with values to create wonderful life work for yourself, your family, your community and our world?

Emily says to her students, “I have nothing to teach you. And, you have everything to learn. Don’t believe a thing I say. Learn and prove it to yourself. Everything you need to learn is already within you. My job is assisting you to open up the channels so you hear your higher self. The miracle is you. If you are willing to believe the miracle is in you, you can learn anything.”

Wow! I’m inspired. I am Rebel Belle yelling with enormous enthusiasm for learning, and for Emily Diane Gunter!


Folks, if you’d like to learn more about Rites of Passage and how to bring this impactful program to the youth, parents, teachers, schools or communities in your area, visit www.ritesofpassageonline.org. You will also find Emily’s book, Thirteen Golden Keys to Learning: A Spiritual Journey, available for purchase.

And, I invite you to listen to my interview with Emily Diane Gunter by way of my podcast. Hold onto your seats: The interview is jam-packed with information, exercises and learning techniques delivered with g-force enthusiasm!

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