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May 22, 2007: Issue #9
Are You Aware?
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Are You Aware?


Centers GraphLast month, I introduced the three awareness centers of Human Energy Design, an empowering system of knowledge that profoundly changed my life, my business, and how I coach, interact with and support my clients. These were: The Ajna (mental awareness), Solar Plexus (emotional and spiritual awareness), and Spleen (body awareness).

Understanding these centers and how they operate along with the other six provides valuable information for navigating your life. It will catapult your transformation, assisting you to identify the fears, patterns and issues that keep you from manifesting your desires. In addition, it presents an amazing opportunity for attuning your awareness and empowering the gifts you’ve come to share with the world.

How do these three centers assist in identifying your fears, patterns and issues? How can you attune your awareness to the mental, emotional and physical energetic frequencies of these centers to navigate your life?

First, it’s important to know that everything in life is frequency-specific; your thoughts, emotions and feelings give off a specific frequency or vibration. This frequency carries information that creates your reality. As you observe and become aware of the thoughts, emotions and feelings that are experienced in your body, you will attune yourself to the patterns, behaviors and information that produce the people, places, things and events in your life; the ones you want... and the ones you don’t want!

In addition, each center has an awareness frequency of fear. That fear and frequency is experienced differently in each center.

The Ajna carries a frequency over time, past, present and future. When the mind decides anything, that decision lives with you for the rest of your life. Your mind is not meant to run your life. It is your tool for perception, measuring and research.

The fear of the Ajna is mental. It manifests as anxiety. The mind gets anxious as it runs amok, trying to make sense of the past, to understand the future, or to know what can’t be known. It needs to be certain. This need creates anxiety.

The Solar Plexus carries a frequency of an emotional wave which moves from high to low and back again. Reacting to our emotions causes us to respond unconsciously, rather than consciously, being aware and neutral to the event.

The fear of the Solar Plexus is emotional. It manifests as nervousness. As humans with emotional ranges, we aren’t comfortable feeling our emotions. We nervously judge, deny and avoid them, rather than observing, allowing them to move to a natural conclusion of peace and balance.

The Spleen carries a frequency that exists in the moment. And, it only comes once to alert you to what you need to do to be healthy and survive.

The fear of the Spleen is felt in the body. It manifests physically and existentially. These fears are associated with basic survival, taking us out of present time and ultimately out of our power.

So how do YOU know when YOU are in fear? How do YOU attune YOUR awareness to know when YOU are anxious, nervous or emotional?

Follow the link at the bottom of this article to request your (free) personal chart. Gather the information to understand your unique energy signature. For example, which of your awareness centers is defined or undefined, and what does that mean? Since each center of awareness is imprinted with specific fears, which specific fear is activated in your chart? And, lastly how do you attune your awareness to that fear, to empower the gift that’s hidden beneath it?

It takes time to gather and integrate this information. But understanding how to live consciously from each of your awareness centers can profoundly change your life. I invite you to become aware...


What do YOUR centers say about you? Request your free personal chart, which gives a quick view of your Human Design type. To complete an accurate blueprint, you will be asked to provide your date and time of birth as well as birth location.

Want more details? As a companion to your personal chart, you may be interested in purchasing my Personal Blueprint PDF Overview, which is designed to guide you through your chart and give an explanation of your type.

Interested in learning more about Human Design? For those seeking an introduction and “quick start” guide to Human Design concepts, types and centers, my Human Design Starter Kit is a must!

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