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April 22, 2007: Issue #8
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Belle with Balls: Dr. Meg Haworth

Join me in giving a good ol’ southern Rebel Belle Yell to welcome my friend and mentor, Dr. Meg Haworth, as April’s Belle with Balls.

Belles with Balls PodcastBorn and raised below the Mason-Dixon line in Virginia, Dr. Meg currently resides in Los Angeles, California where she owns and operates her private practice. Meg is a Spiritual Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Teacher and Internet Radio Show Host whose life work is to walk people through the gap between who they think they are and who they know they are.

I first met Meg right here in the midlands of South Carolina. Meg owned and operated Harmony Oaks, a bed and breakfast. Harmony Oaks was a beautiful healing retreat center offering workshops, live musical performances, guests from around the country and delightful spiritual community to an area that is otherwise referred to as The Bible Belt.

Meg bathed this area of South Carolina with her charm, love, compassion and wisdom for health and well-being of the body-mind-spirit. She trained at Delphi University completing her Doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology and Preventative and Complimentary Medical Therapies, and The Foundation for Shamanic Studies and School for Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado. Meg ushered in a new way of thinking and being to our spiritually hungry community.

In a recent podcast interview, I asked Dr. Meg how and when her journey began as a spiritual counselor and intuitive therapist. Her surprising answer: Age two! Meg survived drowning at that age. This near-death experience unleashed a series of psychic phenomena that changed her life. Meg began to see ghosts, spirits, guides, teachers and colors, a gift that was discouraged by the people around her rather than encouraged.

As Meg denied and suppressed her gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance, this denial began to manifest in her body as physical illness. It was her experience of healing over 14 physical illnesses and the alternative practitioners she met along the way that catapulted her onto her journey of fulfilling her purpose. Her path today is passionately living her Life Lessons from the Soul and assisting others to do the same.

Meg says there is only one thing you cannot live without and that is YOUR SOUL. Understanding the value of initiating your soul connects you to your power and brings a series of life lessons that create partnership between your personality and your soul.

Your personality is who you think you are; the mental and emotional self. It is the student of your life. Your soul is who you know you are, intuitively. It is the teacher.

Becoming who you are requires knowing yourself to your core and knowing how you think and feel. It means living the life that stirs within you using your skills, talents and abilities to reach your highest potential. Connecting to your soul brings juice to the seeker.

Folks, does this sound like accessing your “bellepower” and squeezing the juice or what?

Dr. Meg has created a three-stage workbook series to assist you in walking through the gap between who you think you are and who you know you are: Becoming Who You Are – The Stages of Spiritual Transformation.

She will be hosting a FREE tele-class on Tuesday, May 1 at 5:30 PM Pacific Time (8:30 PM Eastern) to talk about these three stages of transformation and to inspire you to become who you are. I invite and encourage you to take a look.

To hear my interview with the delightful and fabulous Dr. Meg, visit my Tuck Talk podcast.


You can visit Dr. Meg at:

www.DoctorMeg.com (website)
LifeLessonsFromYourSoul.blogspot.com (blog)
BigMediaUSA.com (radio show)

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