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March 22, 2007
Issue #7
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression

Beauty After Forty


One of my passions is enjoying and engaging in current movies with my partner. We rarely miss a Friday night at the local theater. Last week, something unexpected occurred while waiting for the feature to begin.

A dynamic and profoundly moving ad came across the screen. I almost choked on my popcorn. It was the Dove® pro-age™ campaign. Have you seen it? As I watched the women in this ad, I was moved by their outrageous statement of confidence, playfulness and courage. These women were truly celebrating their uniqueness. They were boldly and beautifully expressing their essence, ALL of it, onscreen with the world... full out and on their terms (and naked, I might add!).

It was charming, risqué and delightful. These women were boldly going where women their age have never gone before. I was ecstatic. I loved it! Talk about letting freedom ring!

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OMG! I have a new word: AFFIR-QUESTION!

During my years of being a “personal growth enthusiast,” I’ve listened to many mentors speak about affirmations, with many differing opinions and perspectives.

They work. They don’t work. They work if you use them for this, for that and this way. And on and on. Here are my thoughts on the topic—today—as I have been known to change my mind now and then.

If an affirmation makes me FEEL good, I’m on it! If it makes me FEEL bad or resistant, that’s a signal for me. I consider feeling bad a trigger, an issue or deep-seated belief that I can’t have or be this thing I’m affirming. That’s when I know to go to work (using my Issue Tissue, of course)!

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