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March 22, 2007: Issue #7
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Belle with Balls: Mystery Guest

Who is our March Mystery Guest and the best-kept secret in Europe, South Africa and, soon, North America?

Belles with Balls PodcastManifesting, conscious creation and trans-generational healing are the favorite topics of this internationally known teacher, healer and gifted empath. Our Mystery Guest is the author of three books (with another onthe way!) and has traveled fivecontinents to lecture, teach, and facilitate over 250 workshops around the globe.

This month, I’ve decided to “rebel” and give my Rebel Belle Yell to a man. Although he can’t claim to be a southern gentleman, he can and does claim to be a hu”man” work in progress.

European-born John L Payne currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, his home for the past six years. For John, it is time to move on. Having been blessed to live and learn from a country torn by racial turmoil and prejudices, South Africa has served him well and been an enormous source of empowerment for his work.

What is John’s work?

In October 1994, John was introduced to Omni-Emmanuel. Omni is a group entity of souls communicating universal principles through John as their channel. Their essential message is delivered with love, compassion and most often humor and wit:

You are not here on earth to prove yourself worthy of a higher authority. You have chosen to come to the earth plane to experience life and embody the four principles of creation; Love, Abundance, Well-Being and Creativity.

We create our reality through attraction and by focusing our thoughts and emotions on what we want to create. We manifest our lives in a state of complete and total acceptance of what is. We don’t create some of our reality, we create all of it!

As John shared Omni’s message, he began to notice a recurring theme. Although people were learning and embracing such universal principles as The Law of Resonance and The Law of Attraction, putting them into practice, and focusing on what they wanted, what they wanted wasn’t coming! This was causing enormous frustration. How could this be possible? What was happening with the attraction process?

These questions launched John into a period of personal healing. That led to his second career and body of work, ancestral healing; the healing of family patterns, issues and hidden blockages. Healing his own patterns and blockages, John began to see inherited belief systems in clients, stemming from trauma originating from past generations. “Hidden loyalties”, as John refers to them, are subconscious issues that block an individual’s ability to create and manifest what they want.

Uncovering issues and hidden loyalties through the trans-generational healing modality of Family Constellation work, unleashes the power of all the metaphysical tools and universal principles previously learned and embraced, launching the process of manifestation and conscious creation in one’s life.

John has brilliantly connected these two bodies of work. Family Constellation work is deeply powerful in transforming trans-generational issues and hidden blockages. It creates a cleaner and crisper energy frequency and vibration. This higher vibration activates universal law and the four principles of creation manifesting success and fulfillment into every area of one’s life.

I recently interviewed the delightful John L Payne on my brand new podcast. I invite you to tune in and listen.

John shares how he came to channel Omni, who Omni is and what individuals can expect from their message. John also shares how his own process of healing led him to embrace, facilitate and found a training organization in Family Constellation work.


Visit John’s websites to find his books, CD’s and workshops.


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