a Newsletter from Tuck Self, the Rebel Belle
March 22, 2007: Issue #7
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression



OMG! I have a new word: AFFIR-QUESTION!

During my years of being a “personal growth enthusiast,” I’ve listened to many mentors speak about affirmations, with many differing opinions and perspectives.

They work. They don’t work. They work if you use them for this, for that and this way. And on and on. Here are my thoughts on the topic—today—as I have been known to change my mind now and then.

If an affirmation makes me FEEL good, I’m on it! If it makes me FEEL bad or resistant, that’s a signal for me. I consider feeling bad a trigger, an issue or deep-seated belief that I can’t have or be this thing I’m affirming. That’s when I know to go to work (using my Issue Tissue, of course)!

Okay, so with all this attention being given to The Secret and all, I’ve been pondering the emotion and power of FEELING good. I remembered Tony Robbins once speaking about the power of asking specific questions that make you feel good. He says that asking powerful, positive and affirming questions changes your focus, energy, your state of being and ultimately your life.

Rather than asking questions like “Why me?," "Why again?" and "How come?,” ask yourself “What if...?” “How can I...?” and “What’s possible?”

Feel the difference? Are these affirming questions or what? Instead of dwelling on why things aren't working, you get to reset your focus, dwell on possibilities, and encourage and expect possibilities. Epiphany, I thought to myself! I have a new word!

AFFIR-QUESTION: A powerful and affirming question that changes your focus, your feelings and ultimately your future!

Let’s look at a few examples and how can you use them for power and focus. Use The Rebel Belle AFFIR-QUESTION playsheet to guide you through the exercise.

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