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February 22, 2007: Issue #6
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Belle with Balls: Amy Camie

Belles with Balls PodcastMaking a vibrational impact and creatively sharing her “soul gift” with the world is February’s Belle with Balls, Solo Harpist Amy Camie.

In addition to playing her harp, which she does masterfully, Amy is also a professional speaker on “Vibrational Awareness.”

Everything in the Universe is vibrating energy. Music is a powerful tool that brings balance back into our physical, emotional, mental, creative and spiritual systems.  It’s a vibrational language to which every part of our bodies feel and respond - with or without our conscious awareness. 

Amy loves increasing awareness of audiences around the country, that everything in our world is vibrational energy; including our thoughts, feelings, things in our environment and other people. Through the music of her harp she creatively and playfully demonstrates how music, sound and vibration impact body, mind, spirit and health.

Amy rocks! She began playing the harp when she was in fourth grade and started her recording career by making a home-made cassette tape for a friend going through hospice care. When her father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, Amy created and recorded her first solo harp CD, New Love – Awaken to Yourself, to help him relax. Her father is now cancer-free!

William Collins, Ph.D heard these stories, was intrigued and offered to conduct a pilot study with Amy’s music. He wanted to explore what happened to the brainwaves of people as they listened to the music.  Results indicated a state of relaxation was achieved in only four minutes.  Dr. Collins is now conducting his third pilot study to measure the effects of Amy’s harp music on patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

As a natural outgrowth of the pilot study, Amy founded The Scientific Arts Foundation, an organization that establishes relationships with physicians, chiropractors, therapists, holistic practitioners and artists to develop and implement research that supports creative expression as a valuable and necessary component to an individual's quality of life and sense of well-being.

As a creation is expressed, whether it is in the form of music, painting, photography, dance, gardening, sewing or listening with an open heart, it carries with it a unique vibration. When these creative vibrations originate inside or flow through the individual, they travel internal pathways that can affect the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and creative systems of the artist/creator.

Folks, I invite you to meet Amy Camie and listen to her Solo Harp Expression 1 from A Space Within. On this CD, Amy says:

As you listen to these expressions, let yourself imagine... play like a child. If thoughts and ideas come to you, express them... create your own titles... write your own words... draw your own pictures... dance your own dance... it’s all a beautiful express of your connection to your Space Within.

Enjoy! Click here to listen.

A Rebel Belle Yell to you, Amy, for powerfully and passionately sharing your bold voice and creative self-expression with the world. Thank you for what the healing work that you are doing. You truly rock!


Access Amy’s CDs at www.AmyCamie.com. (http://www.amycamie.com/page/page/3713066.htm)

Learn more about the Scientific Arts Foundation.

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