a Newsletter from Tuck Self, the Rebel Belle
January 10, 2007: Issue #5
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression

A Study-aholic... of Life


I love to learn! I’ve been this way all of my life. Give me something to stimulate my thinking, challenge my brain and I’m on it. People in my life have actually called me obsessive-compulsive. “Slow down, Tuck,” they’d say. “Why are you studying and working so hard?” “Stop it!”

“I can’t” would be my reply. “I’m having too much fun. I love to learn!”

Am I a study-holic? Why, in grade school you’d have found me at my desk in my room, with neatly piled stacks of fire balls, squirrel nuts and mary janes, chomping and learning. This was actually the highlight of my day!

It was the same in college. You could always find me with my lap board, sitting on my bed, eating mixed peanut butter and jelly on graham crackers until 3am in the morning... studying and learning.

Folks, it didn’t stop there. It continued throughout my career. When I went to work as an accountant, it wasn’t enough that I got to learn a new job. I enrolled in the company’s insurance courses, to study and learn more, of course. I was pumped.

Every evening and even on weekends, starting sometimes at 7am, I could be found in the office, studying... and with passion, I might add. This time it wasn’t squirrel nuts, mary janes or graham crackers—it was coffee and cigarettes (I kicked the habit years ago, thank God!). I was in my flow.

As the years have passed, my enthusiasm for learning continues. I love having new material to immerse myself in. And, I am pumped every time I find a new body of work that challenges and inspires my thinking. Still today, people ask me, “What are you learning new today, Tuck? What’s your latest favorite book? What has you inspired now?”

Why do I share this story with you? Why do I humorously share my passion for studying and learning?

Well first of all, it cracks me up every time I think about it, and I love a good laugh. And, secondly, I’ve asked myself over and over again: What it is about studying and learning that makes me feel good? Why am I so passionate about learning new things? Am I obsessive–compulsive? Am I a study-holic?

Maybe I am, but at this point in my life, who cares? I know I love to learn. I’m a seeker and a life-long learner. I’m a student, and I’m a study-holic... of life.

Recently, I received a CD from one of my mentors, Abraham Hicks, where a story was shared about a woman who discovered fly-fishing. This woman found herself compulsively fly-fishing and was lovin’ it. She was questioning her zeal for doing this thing that she loved to do at the expense of herself, other people and her life. Was this passion or obsession?, she asked.

I was inspired by Abraham’s response to her, and I’d like to share the paraphrased story.

“I love fly-fishing,” this woman says, “It makes my eyes spin, but I feel I’m not taking care of my life.”

Abraham asks, “What aspect of fly-fishing gives you the feeling of exhilaration? Is it being outside, near water, setting aside everything that feels important that you’ve been dragging around and just being at one?”

The woman’s reply, “It is all of that, and... I am learning something.”

Abraham’s response: “You have found a way nearly to have pure positive thought. You’re outside in fresh air with others. You’re enthusiastic about what you are doing. You’re focused and attentive. In your focusing, you can’t have other things activated that are uncomfortable for you—like a house that needs to be cleaned or chores that you don’t want to do. When you are focused, getting all full of you, your Source Energy joins you.

“Your greatest desire is to come into alignment with who you are. Your discovery of this sport allows you to align and connect completely. You feel elation because you are doing something that causes an unabashed connection with who you are. Source Energy adores fly fishing with you. It is life giving in nature.

“Because it is so uncommon for you to be selfish and please yourself, you’re messing it up with guilt about what you should be doing. Nothing is more important for you to be doing right now, than connecting with the fullness of who you are. When you do you have so much more of you and your time to give away.”

Pretty cool, huh? For me, studying is pure positive thought. I am focused, full and connected to my Source, doing what I love to do!

How about you? Are you connecting to the fullness of who you are? Are you doing what you love to do?

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