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January 10, 2006: Issue #5
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression

Belle with Balls: Sibyl Lee-English

Sibyl is best known for her starring role as “Rachel” in the nationally-acclaimed off-Broadway hit gospel play, “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” She has a solid stage career to her credit and is a nationally acclaimed jazz and soul singer. If you’re a man or woman living in the Southeast, be sure to check out Sibyl’s one-woman music showcase in March 2007, “Every Song is a Woman.” Sibyl rocks the house!

With a style all her own, this stage diva serves her audience with her own special blend of “southern charm and sizzlin’ sensation.” She gives her soul to her audience, leaving them speechless, spellbound and wanting more.

And with Sibyl, folks, there is ALWAYS more!

She is a writer, director, and producer of “Two Women and a Glass of Wine,” an insightful and inspirational celebration of her own life journey. An empowering piece of work, this play awakens the soul and beckons the inner spirit of every listener to find their truth, connect to their soul and share their story.

Your glory is in your story! Tell yourself the truth and set yourself free! The soul is our divine connection to Truth, the common denominator of life.
—Sibyl Lee-English

Wait, there’s still more. Sibyl has also authored a book, Facing the Fear, Forgetting the Past, and she has produced a CD entitled The Voice. Both pieces draw from her collection of personal poetry journaled over a lifetime of experience. It is through journaling that Sibyl sets herself free and connects to her soul. And, it is through her work and process that we get to experience and delight in this “one-woman show” and bask in all of her energy, soul and passion.

I’m giving a Rebel Belle Yell to one of my favorite poems written by Sibyl, “My Dream,” from The Voice. I invite you to experience the passion, talent and creativity of this month’s Belle with Balls. Listen here.

And finally, I’d like to share why Sibyl rocks my world:

With a mission to unite women around the world with what she terms a “Soul-star Connection”—a relationship between like souls who have made it their intention to hold a sacred space of love and compassion for everyone, everywhere; for the manifestation of all things healed, whole and divine—Sibyl has created and manifested a life-long dream by founding Sibella Circle International.

Sibella Circle International began in Charlotte, NC in 2003, with a small group of eight women. Three years later, The Circle has grown to embrace over 75 members and friends locally, three circle chapters nationally, and several associated memberships globally.

With the cornerstones of Spiritual Awareness, Personal Growth, Authentic Living and Global Visioning, Sibella Circle is here to encourage the journey, new beginnings and self-discovery of all women!

Thank you, Sibyl, for sharing your soul with the world. My Rebel Belle Yell goes to you for manifesting and creating your “Vision of Love” with Sibella International.

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