a Newsletter from Tuck Self, the Rebel Belle
November 9, 2006
Issue #3
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression

I Believe I Can Fly


Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted to fly. She would dream about flying every night when she went to sleep. She would actually imagine herself flying to school every morning. Up, up, up and away she would go. With the wind blowing through her hair, she would fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

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Let Freedom Ring


This month, I am excited to give a Rebel Belle Yell to a tool for personal freedom and self-discovery that rocked my world.

As a Southern woman raised to be small, quiet, and polite, I was encouraged to put the needs of others before my own and follow certain societal rules and social behaviors.

With so many rules, I was confused and couldn’t get clear on who I was supposed to be. I learned to play the game with success, grace and charm. But, by the time I hit my 40s, I was still searching for my identity. Was I the Junior League Socialite, the Career Woman, the Stay-at-Home Mom, all of the above or none of them? Who was I?

That’s when my journey of self-discovery began. I woke up, started my journey... and answers began showing up everywhere.

In 2003, I was introduced to a tool that set me free: Human Energy Design — my personal blueprint for life. It was my instruction manual for understanding my thoughts, feelings and behaviors and connecting to my inner strength and power. I was given the key to transforming myself and my world.

(See end of the article for details of free tele-classes about Human Energy Design on November 13.)

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Read “Let Freedom Ring” for details of a FREE tele-class November 13.

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Belle with Balls: Nancy Tierney

This month’s Belle with Balls is professional singer and unconditional confidence coach Nancy Tierney. 

Nancy is the owner and founder of Unconditional Confidence, a company that teaches coaches and consultants how to have complete confidence, creative freedom—and tons of fun anytime they are speaking or performing in public. More...

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Coming to Columbia, SC

A Family Constellations Workshop:
Healing the Heart & Soul

facilitated by John Payne
  • internationally acclaimed author
  • metaphysical teacher
  • facilitator of more than 250 workshops
     on 5 continents

“I was astounded… this work was powerful, heart centered and compassionate. John has an uncanny ability to guide the Constellations with clarity and vision, in an atmosphere of total love and support, providing rapid and powerful healing.”

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Carpe BellePower Coaching

Using the tools that have rocked my world and launched me to freedom, I’ve created a three-stage growth process... Carpe BellePower! Seize your power and claim your voice as you cycle through three levels that employ techniques and exercises unique to The Rebel Belle.

Wherever you are on your path, I’m here to celebrate with you and serve as a guide. More...

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