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October 10, 2006
Issue #2
a Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression

There She Is... Ms. America!


When I was a little girl, my dream was to be Ms. America. “There She Is” I could hear Burt Parks, all dressed up in his tucks and tails, singing to me as I walked the runway.

How I wanted to perform! I use to dream about the many ways of expressing myself and my talent in the pageant. Would I sing? Would I tap? Would I ballet or do jazz? How could I fit it all in? What a hoot now that I think back on it.

Do you all remember -- those of you who are old enough -- that beautiful black slim evening dress Barbie wore (I’m talking Barbie doll here)? It was a bustier, fitted to her body and ruffled at the bottom. That was the dress I was going to perform in. I could see myself on stage at the microphone, singing “One Love” from West Side Story.

Then... when I had the audience eating out of my hand, I would rip the dress off (I never quite had this part figured out), and underneath... wha-la was a “June Taylor Dancer” in full leotard.

Now for those of you who are not old enough to know the June Taylor Dancers, they performed on The Jackie Gleason Show, and they were HOT! Of course, if you don’t know Jackie Gleason... oh well, I guess I’m showing my age. So, as Jackie Gleason so famously said, “Let’s go on with the show.”

So there I was, a Ms. America contestant, dancing like a “hot” June Taylor dancer, performing to “There’s No Business Like Show Business!” I used to imagine myself in that black leotard, fish-net tights, white socks on my feet (that’s how we did jazz back then), moving to the rhythm. I had imaged this to perfection, in my dreams, from hours of watching the “Senior Dancers” at the Vera Marchette’s School of Dance in my hometown.

Then, when you thought you’d seen the best of my talent, I would exit the stage, only to return with a jump rope. My next move was to passionately tap my heart out for you with this incredible dance number I did with a jump rope to “I’ve Got Rhythm.”

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