M-Power Your Voice

Finding Your Unique Voice of Manifestation in Communication & Action


Your capacity to Profit By Being You is simply a byproduct of your communicating and taking action correctly according to your Unique Career Design. 

YOU are designed to express yourself in an authentic and healthy way. You have your own unique style of healthy, effective and productive communication and interaction. When you communicate authentically and in alignment with your design your message is expressed clearly and you attract the attention - the individuals, experiences and opportunities for abundance that you desire and deserve. 

When you are not taking in resources according to the signature of your Unique Career Design and voice, you will be unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Money will always be a struggle. There is NO material direction for you except that which is absolutely correct for you - in accordance with your design.

When you align to the following three aspects of your Unique Career Design, you unleash your profit potential for Success, Abundance and Fulfillment. 

* Know your unique talents and gifts, and the effect you have on others.

* Know the areas in your design & life where you are naturally designed to prosper

* Know and identify the areas and distractions that pull you off track

The Communication & Action Function has up to 11 Voices & Profit Potentials! 

In this 5-Part Workshop You Will...

* Explore the importance of communicating effectively and authentically with your own unique voice.

* Experience in-depth exercises in and between classes to practice using your authentic voice, as well as your inauthentic and conditioned voices. 

* Learn to become the objective observer of the power of correct communication in your life.

* Share your personal experiences and take in the personal experiences of others.

* Ask questions and get answers in terms of your personal communication voice & style. 

SESSION 1: Understanding the Power of Communication

Importance of Clear Communication & Action

The Mechanics of Communication 

Healthy and Unhealthy Expressions of your Voice & Action

Finding your Authentic Voice/Discovering the Different Voices of Communication

SESSION 2: The Profit Potential of the Emotional, Instinctual & Energy Resource Voices

Explore the nuances of these Traits of these voices

Learn how to prosper through these voice dynamics

SESSION 3: The Profit Potential of the Voices of Identity & Willpower

Explore the nuances of these Traits of these voices

Learn how to prosper through these voice dynamics

SESSION 4: The Profit Potential of the Mental Voices

Exploring the nuances of these traits

Learn how to prosper through these voices

SESSION 5: Question/Answer and Discussion

(Approx. 2 hours of Content) An open discussion of how the Communication function operates. A look at specific examples and answering questions to understand and tie the information together.

EARLY REGISTRATION SPECIAL: $175 (Regular Workshop Price $200)

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