'Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions'. ~ Tony Robbins

Our revolutionary proprietary systems assist individuals and organizations in designing profitable businesses that serve with Purpose, Vision and Fulfillment

mPower Your Small Business


BG5™ Small Business Analysis is a powerfully accurate and efficient analysis of the characteristics, dynamics, potentials and problems of any working group, offering practical and effective recommendations to transform the bottom line. The majority of working teams have blind spots or gaps. These gaps can prevent a small business from being successful, and result in a tremendous amount of wasted time and resources. The BG5™ Small Business Analysis will show you where these gaps are, and provide solutions for managing and filling these gaps. In addition to the group analysis, it includes the individual analysis of each contributing member of the group, revealing possible causes for nonproductivity and unsatisfied team members. Each analysis is based on a unique, proprietary graphing tool unavailable anywhere else. 

(Consultation & Analysis: $750-$7500. Fee depends on dynamics and situation. Multiple sessions and retainer proposals upon request)

** BG5™: Base Group 5/Unified Group (3-5 up to 9) 

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mPower Your Large Business

The OC16™ Large Business Analysis methodology provides an understanding of large 


organization dynamics. Consultants identify the underlying mechanism of large group dynamics, by bringing awareness to how each person's potential is maximized. Based on the Career Designs of each individual, it's possible to engineer how communication is easily directed throughout the organization. This information will also provide the basic 'next steps' when growing from a smaller business into a larger business group, or map out the dynamics of already existing large groups. This form of Analysis includes re-engineering, recruitment and expansion.

(Consultation & Analysis: $750-$7500. Fee depends on dynamics and situation. Multiple sessions and Retainer proposals upon request.)

** OC16™: Organizational Channels & Communication (16 or more)

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