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Your Personal Career Type shows you how you are designed to express yourself and interact in work and career with purpose, fulfillment and success



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A BG5™ Career Profile Analysisis an in-depth analysis of your personal potential in work, business and career. It reveals your unique talents and gifts, and where you are best suited to contribute your individual skills and attributes. It offers a reliable methodology for overcoming obstacles to your personal fulfillment and success, including how to manage the sometimes challenging transition from the usual way of working, to working on your own, in partnership or teams.

(90 minute Full Analysis synthesizing all 16 Career Codes and practical guidance to begin as well as integrate within your career: $397) 

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mPower Your Profit Potential


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You have a specific BG5™ Unique Profit Profile that directly affects how you make money, the amount, and the affect money has on your life. Having resources is vital to living prosperously and having a healthy lifestyle. Given you have issues with money there is a pattern in your thinking and your actions that create distractions that block your flow. These patterns may have you stressed out, frustrated and overwhelmed. 

(90-minute Full Analysis focusing on how to use your Nine Functions properly, and align with your purpose and role, to experience material and financial success in your work and career. $397)



** Multiple support sessions are available to establish tools and information that assist you to delve into greater detail with your Career Design, integrating what you've learned & empowering your Profit PotentialYour Success. Prosperity and Fulfillment is simply a byproduct of the service you provide to others, doing what your natural gifts inspire.