M-POWER Your Identity

Discovering Who & Where You Are as Love & Direction


"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."-Oscar Wilde

* Do you know who you are? 

* Do you know your direction in life? 

What's the possibility that you are unique and one of a kind? That there is NO ONE in this world designed to live, love, laugh and prosper the way that you do? 

Welcome to Your Power, Possibility and Potential! 

You are incredibly gifted. You are designed personally and specifically with a natural way of being in the world. You are designed to love, make money and move in specific and authentic directions that attract people, experiences and resources that empower your life. 

What would it mean to you to have this knowledge, to have absolute clarity as to who you are, how to authentically, and purposefully live your life, and share your wisdom with others, ALL while creating money, abundance and prosperity? 

MPOWER Your Identity: Discovering Who & Where You Are as Love & Direction

Join us as we explore and discover the Magic of your Identity - your Love & Direction as seen and activated through your Unique Career Design & Money Blueprint. 

When it comes to your potential for making money, there is a universal truth for unleashing your power and possibilities. 

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: There is no material direction for you other than what is absolutely correct for you according to your DESIGN. When you live in alignment with your Career Design, money and prosperity are the by-product of your authenticity, wisdom and capacity to serve. When you are not in alignment, money will always elude you and be a struggle.


In this workshop we will...

*  Explore and understand the specific & unique aspects of your design that lead you:

(1) To know who you are in the world and how you love.

(2) To know the right direction in alignment with your authentic path.

*  Learn to become the objective observer of the personal effects of loving yourself and following your true direction.

*  Discover the healthy as well as unhealthy ways of how you express your Love & Direction. 

*  Identify the shadow Identity behaviors that block your flow, as well as those that empower your authenticity and wisdom. 

*  Share your personal experiences and take in the personal experiences of others.

*  Have in-depth exercises in and between classes to practice

Session 1: Understanding the Magic of Identity & Direction

The underlying magic & mechanics of life and the Magnetic Monopole.

Healthy expression & unhealthy expression of Love & Direction

Shadows, Authenticity and Wisdom of Love & Direction.

Session 2: Understanding the Love Traits

Explore the nuances of the Love Traits of your Identity

Learn how to prosper utilizing the aspects of Love .

Session 3: Understanding The Direction Traits

Explore the nuances of the Direction Traits of Identity.

Learn how to prosper utilizing the aspects of Direction.

Session 4: Question, Answer & Discussion

Opportunity to discuss and ask questions regarding all information covered. 

BG5™ LIVE Workshop Series:
No Prerequisites

*  Beginner - Advanced

*  Appox. 8 Hours of Content

*  Detailed Handouts

*  Recordings to Review

*  Connect/Share with Classmates

*  Practice Assignments

*  Prerequisite for BG5 Profit Potential Coaching Certification

EARLY REGISTRATION SPECIAL: $175 (Regular Workshop Price $200)

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