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* Are you engaged, inspired & financially successful doing work you love?

* Are you seeking to build your own purposeful & profitable business?

* Are you a manager or organization seeking leadership strategies to build an inspiring and successful business environment? 

Many individuals feel unfulfilled with the day-to-day world of their job, career, and business. You may be working at a job simply to make money, while wishing you could do what you love instead. Or, you might be doing what you love, yet struggling to pay all the bills. You may be making enough money, but feeling unsatisfied in your current life of work or deep down knowing something important is missing. 

The world is filled with frustrated individuals - over-worked and under utilizing their vast resource of potential gifts, talents and genius. 

What if you could pull back the veil, and see how uniquely you are designed to achieve your highest potential in the working world? 


BG5™ Career and Business System provides individuals with life and career transforming opportunities. Based on revolutionary and proprietary mapping software, The BG5™ Success Code defines a variety of areas that serve the individual in search of a career, as well as businesses in search of the perfect employees, management and executive staff to fit their needs. 

The Human Design System has been the standard for personal analysis and transformation since 1987. BG5™ will be the standard for business analysis and consulting in the future. Given that we spend a third of our lives working, it's important to learn how to find personal and financial satisfaction and success in our careers and businesses. BG5™ reveals your personal potential in work, business and career, and the mechanics os small and large group dynamics. 

There are many different levels to BG5™ Career Design Consultation and Analyses that cover individuals, solo enterprises, partnerships, small businesses, and large businesses and groups. 


mPower Your Career

mPower Your Profit Potential

An in-depth analysis of individual skills, attributes and weaknesses, detailing how to align yourself and your unique skills to the market place for success. With multiple support sessions available we establish tools and information that assist you to delve into greater detail with your Career Design, integrating what you've learned & empowering your Profit Potential. 


mPower Your Leadership

mPower Your Partnership

Business Design insights & training for Leaders, Owners, Managers & Executives, detailing how to apply leadership qualities, as well as focusing individual time, talents  & energy within a business. Providing an accurate & efficient analysis of characteristics, dynamics, potentials & problems in any working environment, partnership & group. Offering insight & effective recommendations to transform the bottom line. 


mPower Your Small Business

mPower Your Large Business

The BG5™ & OC16™ methodologies, utilize the natural underlying chemistry & dynamics of small teams & large groups to identify and organize effective & profitable channels of communication. Our analysis provides information that assists in removing resistance, predictable tensions, and taps into the true potentials, skills & strengths of each individual team member. This form of analysis includes productive recommendations, re-engineering, recruitment & expansion of teams and organizations.

** BG5™ : Base Group 5 is a team of 3-5 individuals. 

** OC16™: Organizational Communication Channels for 16 or more individuals. 

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