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Leader and Partnership Profiles offer accurate and efficient analysis of characteristics, dynamics, potentials and problems in any working environment, bringing insight and effective recommendations to transform the bottom line. 

mPower Your Leadership

BG5™ Alpha One Analysis is a personal business analysis focusing on how to apply your leadership qualities within a business, detailing where and how to focus your talent, your time and your energy. You'll also be shown, within the business context, where you lack certain abilities and how to compensate by building the right kind of support to transform your business and career. It's paramount to understand the obstacles your to success in order to compensate for and turn the obstacles into opportunities. 

(90-minute Initial Consult: Alpha One Analysis will show you how and where to put your focus and where you need to delegate. (Consult begins at $397.00)

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mPower Your Partnership

BG5™ Partnership Analysis reveals the energy dynamics in any business partnership. It focuses on empowering communication, collaboration and success. Since all Business Partnerships have their strengths and challenges, this analysis highlights where to capitalize on each other's strengths, and as well as being aware of potential areas of tension. You will gain understanding of how each individual best operates within the partnership, the partnership 'hot spots', and how the partnership operates optimally for success.

(2 One-Hour Initial Sessions  $750)

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Ongoing BG5™ Coaching and Consulting: An opportunity to have multiple support sessions to establish new tools and integrate the information provided. The on-going sessions are designed to delve into deeper details and nuances of the Career Design, for integration over a period of 3, 6, or more months. This program is individualized and custom tailored to the client's unique requirements and circumstances. 

(6 Month Package: $2,400 - 12 sessions @$200 or $250/session)