Recent Personal Empowerment Entries

Engage in the Mystery Experience....Dance in the field of ALL possibility....
Living the Easy Breezy Way....
Your Blueprint IS Your Sacred Story....
Tap into the POWER of Divine Wisdom & Sacred Story....
Living Life in an Easy Breezy Way....
Building STRENGTH and engaging PERSEVERANCE
Living, Laughing, Loving Life!
The relationship may be over, but we still have the music....
Embrace the power of your own Divine authority....
Open your heart to boundless possibilities and create your life at levels limited only by YOUR imagination.....
Deep Dive into Addiction with two best buddies for a provocative and powerful conversation.
Join in the aliveness of life, transformation & possibility!
The Anatomy of a Trigger Event...
A new paradigm of light, love, healing and possibilities....
The Matrix is your literal agreement with the Universe about what your reality will be...
Embrace change with joy, creativity and most of all EASE.....
Don't let fear turn you against your playful heart!
Aren't we grateful.....
11:11 is symbolic of the gateway we each have within us
As most of you know I am fully immersed into my 11 month Rebel Road journey with the delightful and 'exquisite' Simran Singh, and her One-Woman Show based on her book, Conversations with The Universe. I'm having a blast!!!I love my...
Who Is This Rebel Belle?
Be a REBEL in your own life. Come join our movement!
Possibilities for your life are limited only by your imagination!
Creating from your heart and soul.
Give yourself the gift of financial freedom, fulfillment and fun!!
Tap Your Way to Success!
"Just be yourself. God made you who you are!"
"We've all been given a gift, the gift of life. What we do with our lives is our gift back. ~ Edo
Remember, everything is in Divine Right Order. Really, it is...............
"Worry is the needless disrespect of the Divine Order of things."
The experience of happiness or unhappiness is yours to choose.
This isn't an intellectual process ~ It's a Soulful one!
Who and what could you inspire today with the healing power of your hug?
What do you do to make the world a brighter place?
Embrace your juicy power and DREAM BIG.
You have every thing you need to navigate your life!
It's time for your REBEL-UTION!
An empowering book for women!
There's a shift happening!
Put yourself on an accelerated path to accessing and living the dreams in your heart!
Have you always dreamed of sharing your story, wisdom and insights as a published author?
100's of self help gifts - absolutely FREE!
Our book hit the bestseller list on Amazon the day it was published!
What will you create? What story will you tell with your life?
Do you know what you've come here to do?
A woman's trail guide to discovering her own authentic story!
Where in life do you feel stuck? What would you like to change?
Wherever you are on your path, I'm here to show you the way!
How about you? Are you owning your power? Do you put yourself first?
Are you taking care of you? Are you putting your first?