Empower Your Life and Career with Human Design and BG5

For those of you who have loved and studied Human Design with me over the years, NOW is a great opportunity to apply this empowering system to your work and career. 

I joined the BG5 Institute in 2017 to expand my knowledge of Human Design, specifically to include the business and language aspect of BG5, and to become certified to teach this revolutionary system. 

Today is the FINAL day for the Early Bird Registration for the BG5 Foundation One Course. This is The Basic Class for learning this information, applying it to your personal life and career, and understanding and interacting with others.

I'll be teaching the course beginning September 16th.  Given you have a desire to apply BG5 to your work and career, given I resonate with you as an instructor, I invite you to join me. 

Here is are the links to register for the course today:

BG5 Foundation Course One: https://bit.ly/2QnBgCl

8 Essentials Package Special Offerhttps://bit.ly/3l8e4X6

You may also watch our FREE webinar from last Wednesday on the '5 Ways to Access Your Greatest Gifts' in this Time of Transition. Here's to living at your zenith and fullest potential!!

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