Tuck Talk Podcast is Back!


Greetings Friends, 

I am delighted to announce the relaunching of my Tuck Talk podcast as a weekly 7-12-minute authentic, bold and reflective conversation. My intention is to inspire, entertain and challenge you out of any stuckness you might be experiencing in your life, and into a world of possibility, freedom and fun. With self-effacing humor and the wisdom gained from years of personal growth and transformation, join me weekly for a conversation designed to to have you live life boldly, full tilt boogie and on your terms. 

I'll close by sharing my Rebel Belle Philosophy: "If you are unwilling to navigate a li'l change and transformation in your life, squeezing a li'l juice along the way, or do it with a sense of laughter, fun and freedom, you might as well stay the frig stuck!"

Here are a few of the Episodes launched to date:

* From Southern Belle to Rebel Belle

* There She Is Ms. America

* Gobsmacked by Life Purpose!

* The Dumb Reading Group

* Living in the Inquiry

In order to listen you are required to go to one of the following podcast platforms. 





Have a beautiful and spectacular day!!

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