Everybody is a STAR!

'Everybody is a star. I can feel it when you shine on me. I love you for who you are. Not the one you feel you need to be.' ~ Sly and The Family Stone


This song has been ringing and singing in my ears recently, particularly the two lines. "I love you for who you are. Not the one you feel you need to be." 

It reminds me of a Universal Truth I live by - that each of us IS a unique expression of the Divine; and that each of us is born a star. We are Unique, Powerful and Magical beings designed to live with meaning, path and purpose. We are designed to express ourselves full tilt boogie and on our terms. 

Here's what I also believe to be truth. What we are NOT designed to do is minimize our light because others can't handle our glare. We are NOT designed to live safely in the conditioning of our comfort zones, restraining our energy, and our natural gifts, skills and talents. We are NOT designed to diminish the expression of our voices so that others feel comfortable around us. 

We are designed to live uniquely abundant lives filled to the brim with passion, purpose and a whole lot of play shining like the stars that we are. I love Sly's reminder in this song that EVERY person deserves to be loved for who they are, NOT for who others need them to be. We are all designed to shine!

This was certainly not my experience growing up. I was raised in a family and a cultural society that encouraged me to be small, quiet, polite and inauthentic. I was conditioned to stay in my place, speak only when spoken to, and to put the needs of others before my own. I was told I was too loud, figgidy, emotional, moody and to be still, sit down and shut up. 

I was groomed to put others needs ahead of my own even at the expense of my own happiness at times. My roles were defined for me. I was told who I needed to be to please my parents, not embarrass my family and to keep the environment calm. 

What was I to do? For a while, I dimmed my light expressing myself as who others needed me to be. But, only for a while. Anyone who knows me well today knows this is NOT who I am. Being moody, being emotional and being in movement IS my natural expression. I love to talk, sing, dance and express myself when the spirit moves me. To do otherwise stifles my freedom. It's next to impossible. 

So, what happened? Magic happened. It happened in the form of Human Energy Design the most empowering freedom tool available on the planet today. This magic came in the form of a life transforming system that liberated me from years of conditioning. I have NOT been the same since. 

As this magical system began to shine its light on me, I began remembering who I am, a unique, powerful and magical star. I began to let my light shine, remembering the core essence of who I am. I began rediscovering my gifts, skills and talents. I remembered my love of song, dance and entertainment, and I began to soar. Light began pouring out of every cell of my being. 

Today, I love myself for who I am and NOT for who others need me to be. I am a star....I can feel it when you (the world) shine on me. 

How about you? 

* Are you living as the unique, powerful and magical being you are born to be full tilt boogie and on your terms? 

* Is your star shining so brightly that others are unable to handle your glare? 

Given this describes you - Yay you for sharing your magic with others. If this does not describe you, and you're ready to discover your magic and shine your star, give me a shout out. I'd love to share your Human Energy Design with you. Email me at Tuck@TheRebelBelle.com or call me at (803)-665-0847.

I'm off to have some 'hot fun in the summer time'. In the meantime, I invite you to join me for a li'l song, dance and full on freedom of self-expression reminding you that 'Everybody is a Star'. 

BTW....Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin!)


Human Energy Design is a powerful visual mapping of your imprinting from the stars. Calculated from your birth time and location, it is a concrete mapping of the nature of your being. It provides simple truths about who you are and how you are designed to live your life and prosper as the star that you are. 


Tuck Self is a SELF-Empowerment and Listening Coach and Catalyst, and a Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach. For 15+ years, she has provided individual and group Coaching Programs, Workshops and Retreats that facilitate personal discovery, development, spiritual growth and authentic living. The foundations of her unique coaching style are Human Design, BG5™ and The Gene Keys and Golden Pathway; Systems that bring powerful insights and strategies for self-illumination, self-love and self-mastery, as well as creating life, love and work that resonate with your heart and soul. 

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