A Wednesday Awakening at Infinite Love

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi

Last month I was invited to speak at Infinite Love a beautiful non-profit birthed on Valentine's Day in 2012 by 4 beautiful women for the purposes of helping, healing and uplifting others. Inspired by love, today their organization is fulfilling its mission of serving others through creating deep connections, opening hearts and become better human beings.  

I had the pleasure and honor of initially meeting Infinite Love while on the Rebel Road Tour with my friend Simran Singh, who was their guest speaker for their Sunday Awakenings. I was later personally invited back to share my love and passion for the Human Energy Design System with the Infinite Love community. These are beautiful people and beautiful souls making powerful contributions to our world. 

Therefore, I was honored and delighted when Malka reached out inviting me back for a virtual presentation at their Wednesday Gathering. My sharing and contribution, based on the timing of our protocol of 'distancing' and the pandemic, was what is possible during these times, and how to be the change you choose to be in the world.  

I had a fabulous time sharing about the power of choice in our lives today, the power of prayer, and the beautiful internal technology and inherent wisdom available to each of us to bring ourselves into harmony with nature, others and God. 

I invite you to listen to a brief yet powerful 30-minute essence experience of wisdom, internal power, connection, possibility, fun and....... infinite love!

Gratitude to Malka, Saju and Alka and the many beautiful souls at Infinite Love.

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