Words Matter

'I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word.' ~ Emily Dickenson, Poet

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I love synchronicity! I was inspired last week to purchase a book by the illustrious Gregg Braden, 'The Wisdom Codes'. The timing is spectacular. This book is a gathering of powerful word patterns from timeless texts, in the form of prayers, mantras, chants and hymns that provide comfort, healing, strength and inner power in difficult and challenging times. 

I was initially drawn to the book based on the concept that 'Words Matter', that our human language, and the words we use, influence and wire our brains with the capacity to condition who we are

What compelled me to buy the book however, is not that words condition who we are, it's that words have the power to change who we are. Our language and the words we use influence, rewire and change our brains. New discoveries in biology and the neurosciences have confirmed what our ancestors intuitively understood and practiced years ago. How we think and speak, the words (codes) we use, as well as the meaning we give to words, has the power to shift our lives. WORDS MATTER!

This is exciting. The discovery that timeless codes are designed to support us when we're stressed and stuck is exhilarating. That words exist to empower our strength and healing, foster unity versus separation, and unlock our potential is powerful in becoming masters of our personal destiny.

'A single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress.' ~ Andrew Newberg, M.D., Neuroscientist and Mark Robert Waldman

As many of you know I'm a passionate advocate of The Human Energy Design System, and also the body of work brought forth by Richard Rudd in The Gene Keys, and The Golden Pathway. The Gene Keys are a universal language and living wisdom designed to awaken your genius and highest purpose. The Gene Keys ARE the 64 wisdom codes that express your gene(iu)s. Your personal codes are embedded within your physical DNA, and are WAITING to be influenced, activated and regulated in order to release your creative genius into the world. 

Similar to the Wisdom Codes shared in Gregg Braden's book, your specific Holographic Gene Key Codes have the power to shift your life. These codes are the language of your heart, mind and soul. They carry a frequency, and this frequency actually carries the power to influence your genes. 

When you are in fear, your frequency is low, having you experience a world of confusion, worry and doubt. As you speak and contemplate your wisdom codes from a place of focus and higher awareness, your genes hear you and respond. Listening, your heart and mind connect. Your strength, creativity and genius emerge. You begin to feel the essence, beauty and purity of your codes, and your inner world shifts. You experience a sense of freedom, trust and certainty about life. You become aware of yourself in a different way. Your relationships change, your perception of the world around you changes, and you are never the same again. 

There are people in our world today living in fear, anxiety, doubt and worry, and rightfully so. They are isolated and alone, living in uncertain times. What 'The Wisdom Codes' book offers IS an opportunity for healing, comfort, strength and inner power, using words - wisdom codes - to change your mind and your heart. 

What the Gene Keys have to offer is also healing, comfort, strength and inner power, AND a higher purpose for your life. Higher purpose in this case does not refer to your purpose as a vocation. Higher purpose speaks to the core essence of your wisdom codes, who you are, and the quality you bring to what you do. In this time of uncertainty, you may be wondering what to do, what's going to happen, and what's to become of you in the future. 

A journey into your Gene Keys will relax you into a profound state of being-ness, inner stability, openheartedness and mental clarity. Rather than needing certainty in your life, you'll embrace uncertainty, trusting your inner wisdom and the boundlessness of your inner nature. 

I invite you to join me on an adventure into your being-ness, an awakening of your personal wisdom codes. 

* Whether you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed with your internal and external environment....

* Or are at peace with where you are, and seeking a deeper dive inward....


You are at the right place at the right time. 

As an Ambassador of the Gene Keys and Golden Pathway, I'd love to introduce you to your personal Gene Keys and WISDOM CODES. I'd be honored to guide you through your Golden Pathway to support the activation of your genius, the greater opening of your heart, and the absolute clarity of how you are here to serve. 

Give me a call (803)-665-0847 or send me an email at Tuck@TheRebelBelle.com 


Tuck Self is a SELF-Empowerment and Listening Coach and Catalyst, and a Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach. For 15+ years, she has provided individual and group Coaching Programs, Workshops and Retreats that facilitate personal discovery, development, spiritual growth and authentic living. The foundations of her unique coaching style are Human Design, BG5™ and The Gene Keys and Golden Pathway; Systems that bring powerful insights and strategies for self-illumination, self-love and self-mastery, as well as creating life, love and work that resonate with your heart and soul. 



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