I Know You Hear Me. Are You Listening?

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'Listening is a gift. It is the nucleus of communication. Listening requires that you give up the right to interpret what's being said and remain present to what is being spoken. Listening requires that the speaker's commitments, concerns, and possibilities are heard. Listening provides affinity, wholeness, and well-being.' ~ Dr. Carol McCall

I'm excited to announce the newly released book, The Empowerment of Mindful Listening™, "I Know You Hear Me. Are You Listening?". I was honored to be a part of this transformative process, and to co-author the book with my colleague and friend Dr. Carol McCall.

This book is a conversation between Dr. McCall and me as we share thoughts, insights and information about the Nine Tools of Empowered Mindful Listening™. In dialog format, we invite you into our conversation and onto an evolutionary journey with us. 

The release of this book is quite synchronistic in that it's here at a powerful, provocative and unusual time in our history. We are living in a world of chaos, confusion and fear. Our experience and perception of the world IS changing, and the systems we used to depend on are breaking down. This has created a pan(dem)ic.

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has their story of what's occurring and what's required to be safe, certain and secure. Emotions are heightened. Tempers are flaring. Mindful Listening and respectful dialog have gone out the window. Everyone is talking at the same time. No one is listening.......

ONE possibility for navigating our way out of this crisis, chaos and confusion? 

Empowered Mindful Listening™. 


Here's an excerpt from the Preface of the book: 

"Listening is the single most important component in communication that you and I do. Yet, LISTENING is the least practiced component in communication. The rarest component in communication is Empowered Mindful Listening™. 

What is Empowered Mindful Listening™? It is the ability to listen with all four quadrants of oneself. The four quadrants are the mental quadrant, the physical quadrant, the emotional quadrant and the spiritual (intuitive) quadrant. 

Imagine the possibilities when one is present and communicating with all four quadrants in operation in all relationships, work, in family, in every area of one's life. I assert that the practice of Empowered Mindful Listening™ is becoming the next evolutionary leap for humankind. "

At this pivotal time in our history, we are asked to embrace the unknown of confusion, chaos and fear. We are also gifted with new possibilities; possibilities for peace, finding common ground, and for navigating chaos and conflict one conversation at a time

Empowered Mindful Listening™ offers an evolutionary leap for humankind. Through The Nine Tools of Empowered Mindful Listening™ you are offered a practice and way of being that brings the experience to yourself and others, of communicating effectively and being heard

The book is currently available on Amazon.com. I invite you to join our conversation, and discover the empowerment of mindful listening. 


Tuck Self is a SELF-Empowerment and Listening Coach and Catalyst, and a Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach. For 15+ years, she has provided individual and group Coaching Programs, Workshops and Retreats that facilitate personal discovery, development, spiritual growth and authentic living. The foundations of her unique coaching style are Human Design, BG5™ and The Gene Keys and Golden Pathway; Systems that bring powerful insights and strategies for self-illumination, self-love and self-mastery, as well as creating life, love and work that resonate with your heart and soul. 

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