The Gift of Listening from Fred Rogers

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'More and more I've come to understand that listening is one of the most important things we can do for one another. Whether the other be an adult or a child, our engagement in listening to who that person is can often be our greatest gift. Whether that person is speaking or playing or dancing, building or singing or painting, if we care, we can listen.'

~ Fred Rogers

Have you seen the movie, 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' with Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers? Spectacular! 

How come I say this? The focus of the movie is, of course, 'Can You Say Hero' - Mr. Rogers himself. What I gleaned from watching the movie was Mr. Roger's 'Super Power', his Gift of Listening. Mr. Rogers was an incredible, focused and available listener. Listening was how he connected with people, especially children. He always left a conversation knowing more about the other person, based on the insightful and powerful questions he asked. Mr. Rogers provided a space for the individual he was in conversation with to be seen, felt and heard. He listened. 

LISTENING: This is my word for the year. At the beginning of each year, I choose an Essence word, a word that represents an energetic experience to focus on and embody in the upcoming year. This is my word for 2020 and the beginning of a New Decade - Listening.

' ESSENCE doesn't require anything of you. It is the feeling experience you want to have. It is expansive. It clarifies what it is you want in your heart. Essences are powerful for you because they are the language of your soul. The Mind speaks to you in urges, appetites and attachments. The soul speaks in desires of the heart. When you seek essence you invite the Creator to be open, spontaneous, playful, and joyful with you, and to dance in the field of all possibility.' ~ Grandfather White Elk

Many of you know me as a lover of Human Design, The Gene Keys and The Golden Pathway; the most Brilliant Mystical & Masterful Systems of our time, revealing your genetic imprinting, and the archetypal ways of expressing your purpose and genius. 

One of the activations, traits and genius of my design is the 13th Gene Key, that of 'The Witness' - Empathy and Listening thru Love.

I have this Gene Key, characteristic and trait activated twice in my design. It brings the possibility of 'Listening' to my Future Direction, as well as being the experience of my Vocational Talent. I have been GOBSMACKED over the years by the subtle emergence and recognition of the truth of this trait. Listening is not what I do. Listening is my genius. It is the expression and purpose of who I am.  

This year, in choosing my Essence Word, I am excited to honor my genetic imprinting, re-align with my Future Direction and embody my Core Talent - LISTENING. I'm open to expansion and clarity, and ready to dance with the Creator in the field of all possibility. What about you? 

What is your Essence Word for this New 2020 Year and Decade? What does your soul desire in your heart of hearts, as the expression of your purpose and genius? How will you invite the Creator to be open, spontaneous, playful and joyful with you - to dance in the field of all possibilities?

Let's make it a wonderful day in the neighborhood, a fabulous New 2020 Year, and beginning to this New Decade. In the words of Mr. Rogers: 

'The purpose of life is to listen - to yourself, to your neighbor, to your world, and to God and, when the time comes, to respond in as helpful a way a you can find, from within and without.'

I'll be listening for ya!


If you would like to know your Future Direction and Vocation Talent, as well as other activations of your essence and genius in your Human Design and Gene Key Profile charts, I would love to be your resource and guide.  

Tuck Self is a SELF-Empowerment and Listening Coach and Catalyst, and a Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach. For 15+ years, she has provided individual and group Coaching Programs, Workshops and Retreats that facilitate personal discovery, development, spiritual growth and authentic living. The foundations of her unique coaching style are Human Design, BG5™ and The Gene Keys and Golden Pathway; Systems that bring powerful insights and strategies for self-illumination, self-love and self-mastery, as well as creating life, love and work that resonate with your heart and soul. 

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