PLURKING in the New Year

'What if the purpose of your life was to be radiant for no reason other than being alive?' ~ Richard Rudd

Greetings Friends,

I'm excited to share.  I've discovered a new word!! PLURKING!

I wish I could take credit for its creation. However, props go to Teri-E Belf and Charlotte Ward for birthing this fabulous concept. I can't wait for you to 'try it on'!

So what is PLURKING? Plurking is the act of playing while you work. 

It is doing what you love and loving what you do. It is investing your time, talents and energies in doing what makes your heart sing. It's that thing, that when you do it, you lose all track of time. You may even feel as if you've been touched by the face of God. 

Have you ever watched children at play? Children are focused, present, and intentional. They are very serious about their play. They are masters at this thing called 'plurking'. 

I used to be as well. How about you? What do you think happened?

From a very early age I was encouraged to minimize and doubt my childlike innocence, expression and dreams. I was conditioned away from playing for the sheer enjoyment of my expression, to 'doing things the right way', the adult way. Basically my mission was to survive. 

I was encouraged to find a career and profession that was commercially viable, one that allowed me to survive, achieve acceptance and the external trappings of life. I worked, and yet I always knew something was off. Something didn't feel right, aligned and authentic.  

Free at last, free at last! By the grace of God and a few transformative experiences, I've been plurking now for years, and it's working for me (rather it's plurking for me)!

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Here's a li'l Rebel Belle Truth. Plurking takes courage. Plurking requires taking risks. Plurking requires a willingness to be uncomfortable, to feel the fear and do it anyway. It invites you to trust that when you take that leap off of that cliff, your beautiful, powerful and playful wings will appear. 

Do you trust me? 'Plurk' for yourself. Here's a li'l 'Plurking Exercise':

Find a P-urpose, one that you L-ove; one that inspires you and brings U-mph to your life. Plurk in a way that R-eminds you of who you are, and what you K-now is true about you. Plurk in a way that I-nspires N-everending G-rowth, and G-ratitude. 

P - Purpose

L - Love

U - Umph!

R - Reminds

K - Know

I- Inspires

N - Neverending

G - Growth, Gratitude

Give it a go. You may find yourself radiant for no other reason than being alive.  


'The future will be created by adults who can see through the eyes of children.' ~ Richard Rudd

If you're seeking happiness, greater awareness, purpose, fulfillment and a vision for your life, I would love to 'plurk' with you!  Email me at or call (803)665-0847 for a FREE consultation.

I'm off to do a li'l 'Plurking'. Want to join me?

****Tuck Self is a SELF-Empowerment and Listening Coach and Catalys., and a Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach. For 15+ years, she has provided individual and group Coaching Programs, Workshops and Retreats that facilitate personal discovery, development, spiritual growth and authentic living. The foundations of her unique coaching style are Human Design and The Gene Keys and Golden Pathway; Systems that bring powerful insights and strategies for self-illumination, self-love and self-mastery, as well as creating life, love and work that resonate with your heart and soul. 

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