Be-ing Magical in the New Year

According to the Solar Calendar Year in The Human Energy Design System, today - January 22 is the 1st day of the New Solar Year. Happy New Year! I personally find this to be exciting and an opportunity for a fresh start. I'm exhausted from the energy wave of the New Year proclamations and resolutions. My environment has felt scattered, chaotic and panicky. I experience the people around me as clamoring for relevance, desperate in claiming what they deserve, and blind to the unconscious cyclical robotic behavior characteristic of this time of year.  Whew! Therefore, I have question for you to ponder.

What the frig do you think would happen if you DIDN'T set goals  and resolutions for the New Year? How would that feel?

What if, as your new 'fresh start', rather than making a list of ALL the things you want to manifest, accomplish, experience and create, you made a list of the FEELING experiences you desire?

Rather than proclaiming and promising changes in your actions and behaviors, rather than making a list with deadlines (an awful feeling word btw), you focus on the ESSENCE of what you desire to create and experience? For example in this New Year and Decade, 'I desire the essence experience of freedom in my life and relationships, as well as joy, creativity, ease, contribution and fun'. Doesn't that feel high vibe?

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Here's a  li'l Rebel Belle Truth: Goal setting for the most part consists of writing a list of forms and timelines. These forms are usually a REACTION to a person, event or circumstance in your life that you DO NOT want.

Your proclamation to have this form is based in fear; fear of the past, fear of the future and resistance to what is. You are NOT seeking essence. What you ARE seeking is security. You are seeking certainty. You are seeking power, safety and value, all the while trying to force a form that is not grounded in the truth of who you are, and the desires of your heart.  When you come to this exercise listing your forms from a place of fear, you will not be able to authentically see what is possible. You will see through the filter of fear.

NOW - as always there IS a happy ending to our story!

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Here's your 2nd li'l Rebel Belle Truth for the Day: All resources come from your connection to spirit. When you focus on the Essence of what your heart desires to create, Spirit will ALWAYS bring you exactly what you require in order to create that experience of essence. At times this may also include lessons, teachings and opportunities to overcome the obstacles that block the outcome of that form.

In Being Magical, you are poised to create EXACTLY as much love, fun, joy, creativity and ease as your degree of fear will allow.

White Buffalo says, 'Where  there is fear in any area of your life there is a lack of flow. Where there is fearlessness there is abundant flow.'

I'm choosing fearlessness. Want to join me? So, what does fearlessness look like? Here's a New Solar Year Exercise.

Eight Ways to Be Magical in the New Year and Decade:

(1) Make a list of the current people, events and circumstances in your life right now, the ones you want and the ones you don't want. No judgment! (At least not right now...LOL)

(2) Record the facts of these forms as they are. As you are listing these people, events and circumstances in your life, notice your thoughts and how you FEEL. Do you FEEL joy? Do you feel happy, creative and at ease? If not, notice any tension you feel in the form of fear. NOW the judgments! Do you feel unsafe? Do you feel frustrated, worried or resolved? Do you make up that these forms say something about you, and your ability to accomplish, or not? Do you have regrets? Is it from THIS place of fear that you are choosing your goals for the year and decade?

(3) Now, separate the facts of these forms in your life from the judgments, fears, uncertainty, attachments, limitations and projections you have about them. Not a great way to FEEL, yes?

(4) Pivotal Moment: Embrace the fear. Honor the fear, and while being uncomfortable and afraid, embrace the uncertainty that is causing your fear. Throw away the form - your time frames and schedules. Know that your fears and judgments are an investment in an illusion of certainty, and your desire to control an outcome. NOT a great investment of your time, talents and energies.

(5) Happy Ending to the Story - Identifying Essence: With pen in hand, this New Year and Decade, make your new list and ask yourself: What is possible for my life, love and work? What FEELING experience do I want to create? What will bring me more joy, creativity, and effortless ease and flow? Given that I desire this person, event or circumstance, will it bring me essence?  Now, THIS IS a great investment of your time, talents and energies.

(6) With this new list of Essence Words representing the experiences you desire to call into your life in this New Year and Decade, post them where you see them every day. Have faith that Spirit will bring you forms - people, events and circumstances that are far beyond anything you could imagine, as well as the resources to play and create from your heart's desire.

(7) Contemplate your life as you live it today and ask, 'Where am I already experiencing these ESSENCE words? What forms do I currently have where I experience this Essence?'

(8) Finally, invest your time, talents and energy EVERY DAY in one of those current forms, the ones bringing you Essence. This will make you magical. It will open the door (and keep it open J) to unlimited possibility.

As we embark and move forward on this New Solar Year Day, I invite you to remember; the most important element of any creation, plan, goal or resolution is ESSENCE. A focus on Essence is the most empowering and authentic use of your time, talents and energies. Essence is the language of Spirit. It is the language of your heart. Focusing on essence, brings forth the desires of your Soul, as well as the flow-gates of possibility. You are free to create, be spontaneous, open, imaginative, and playful.

You are a Magical Be-ing. 


If you are seeking guidance in Be-ing Magical in this New Year and Decade, I would LOVE to work one-on-one with you. Using your Human Energy Design as foundation, you'll discover your essence and truth of who you are. You will be inspired by the gifts you have given yourself to live authentically and create a purposeful and fulfilling life.

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