The Authentic Experience of You!

When was the last time you cried, FULLY cried? I mean the gut wrenching wringing crying of your physiology, heart and soul?


How about laughter? When was the last time you FULLY let go into the laughter of your soul? The kind of laughter where you tapped deeply into your belly, and all that you were tightly and protectively holding onto? Welcome to my week!!


Did you know.... that when you laugh ALL parts of you connect? All parts of you come together as one. It's the same with crying. All parts of you connect. They are unified, and in that one moment you have an Authentic Experience of You!


Doesn't that sound fabulous? Doesn't it sound freeing AND fun?


So, what's the alternative? The alternative is numbness. The alternative is to get into your head and constantly evaluate who you 'should' be, whether it's appropriate to laugh in a particular situation, and/or whether you have time to cry, mess up your face, or have people see you REALLY don't have it all together!!


The alternative is to deny, stuff and hide the full expression of your feelings and your emotions, which then creates tension in your body, anger in your heart and numbness in your soul.


When life is practiced this way, eventually the stuffed, hidden, denied and suppressed energy has to be released. This energy finds a way to express itself, possibly in physical, emotional and/or mental illness, or life shocks you with a pebble, rock or boulder in your path presenting as a challenge or life altering circumstance.


I for one am raising my hand for laughter. I'm raising my hand to cry. I am raising my hand for healing, AND expressing the Authentic Experience of Me!


As some of you may know, I refer to myself as a 'wailer'. I LOVE to 'wail'. I have days where I feel sad, and I am down. And, I am completely unclear about how come I feel this way. There is no logical reason for my melancholy. On those days, I literally go with my crying flow. Whether on the floor, in the tub or sitting by the ocean, I cherish those moments of release, healing and connection with my soul.


I've learned as I've grown and evolved, that these are the sacred moments of my life where I get to 'let go and let God'. These are vital moments of surrender that carry the possibility of release from my conditioning, the release of the tension I have unconsciously held in my body, and the precious opportunities for healing and feeling fully ALIVE!


How about you? Are you riding the spectrum of your emotions? Or, do you hold back the tsunami of your tears of pain or bounteous laughter like a cork under water?


Given you find yourself right on the edge of release - whether laughing or crying - I invite you to go for it. Go with the flow. Let the frig' go! Feel these precious and sacred moments of release. Experience the full expression of who you are. Experience the Authenticity of You.


'Don't bend; don't water it down; don't try to make it logical; don't edit your own soul according to fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsession mercilessly.' ~ Frank Kafka


In closing, allow me to share one of the beautiful, fabulous and bounteous moments of laughter in my life. To the outside world, we may 'look' crazy. However, to my inside world, this moment of laughter with my own soul, and my friend Sim was a healing moment of laughter I'll cherish forever.


Starbucks anyone??!!





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